schwinn alloy 7 fitting springers to 7" tube ?

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    Trying to fit springers to schwinn alloy seven .My first post & first problem .I have searched posts under schwinn alloy seven and found that because the alloy seven has a 7" frame tube lenght (by my measureing 180 mm) and takes a 1& 1/8 dia threaded fork aprox 8" long no springers can be fitted.The schwinn DELUX has springers from factory but has a frame tube lenght of 6" . According to previous posts the monark ( but dont like there small offset any way)came the closest @ fork steerer tube 7 & 1/8 " lenght but the adaptor kit is 1& 1/8 threadless .
    Must admitt im a tad confused about how to fit threadless to a previously treaded bike .soo here are my questions
    1) searched ebay(usa) found a zoom adaptor to go from threaded to threadless or a( bicycle hero name of ebay shop)fork extender ,these insert into fork tube same way a threaded stem is fitted and tightened but the but upper part is a threaless head set .???????
    2) If springers can be fitted i have noticed tha some folk are bent some straight.( although even the straight are bent too )Some off these bent units lower the bike closer to the ground and also put what i would call the off set (the distance the front wheel sits in front of a point if you ran a straight edge down the steering tube and then measured how far in front of this point the wheel sits eg my standard off set is aprox 2" I want a bit more off set as i think my frame with stardard forks looks a bit bunched up but have noticed that some of these forks are way out there looking more like a low rider than a cruiser any ideas????????
    3) if springers can not be fitted i have noticed chopper or tripple tree folks polished alloy 25" ect
    yeh i know im a pain but i think we all know what its like looking at you bike imagining what it will look like finished ps i live in Aus so harder to get information down here & dont want to buy via international post that dont fit ect $$
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    If you are looking for a springer Sunlite/pryamid make a 1" threaded with a 9" long head tube.Make sure you get one of these brands because the rest are garbage.
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    may not be 1" steerer

    Sorry about mix up but had to edit my post as i have a 1& 1/8" steerer that is threaded in a 7' frame tube which makes the forks a tolal of 8 " long threaded".Thank you for your reply and oberservations on springers.
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