Schwinn Chopper custom rear axle?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by stephen115, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. stephen115

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    Im using the stock wheel but the axle that went through the wheel broke so I had to take it out so now there is a straight through hole. I tried using a long bolt and using washers and bearings and it held up quite well but its still not very sold. keep in mind that my bike is powered by a 5.5HP engine,so I need a strong axle that I wont worry about.

    Does anyone have an idea that would be good? or know of a wheel and tire that I could buy that would work better then the stock wheel and tire?

    thank you

  2. tomebaden

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    The good think about these bikes is that some moped wheels would fit it. At- live fast motors -they are having manufactured a special hub for the occ chopper stingray, email them and ask if they have it in yet. If not today in a week they should. It will also fit their clam shell hub clamp so you can mount a sprocket without having to use a rag joint or drilling the flange.