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    Hi folks !
    I have a question about the rear wheel on the Schwinn OCC Choppers. I bougt one of these bikes yesterday. It's basically New Old Stock. I know nothing about these bikes other thnan I love their looks. The rear wheel has a joint/seam in it that runs perpendicular to the wheel it's self. Is that normal. I'm thinking they manufacturer took a piece of extruded aluminum and the rolled/rounded it into the shape of the wheel. There's also a faint trace of rust looking residue along the seam. Alloy doesn't rust. I wondering if they made the wheel like I said and then attached some other kind of of metal on the back side of it to hold the two ends together. I'm attaching a photo. If anyone knows about this, please let me know !

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  2. azbill

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    that is how all of the one's I have seen are made
    (azvinnie has bought and chopped up approx 10-12 of them)
  3. Kiwi

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    mine looks the same way... they are cheap rims... and a pain to true. but they look cool.
    As a first build it's a bit of a pain in the @$$. If you have any questions... feel free to ask
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    Motorize that OCC Chopper

    I think they are all that way. I've had my chopper going for a few weeks now and am having a blast on it. It has a ported 80cc (??) 5sp derailleur, jack shaft, free wheel sprocket on both ends, 200mm disk brake on rear, earlie squeezer brake on front, tuned pipe exhaust, custom clutch, and can do close to 40mph in third gear. Need a softer seat. Just acquired a 'Booster Bottle' and will be putting it on. I like the way it looks, sounds & performes nuff-said.

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    Thanks guys ! Like I said earlier, I don't know anything about the Choppers yet. I did find out today via the internet they made several different models. I think mine is the basic model. Single speed, not front fender nor front brake.
    Although it's new old stock, it's got a few scratches and some faint surface rust here and there. It's been sitting in a garage exposed ot the atmosphere and not taken care of. Definitely a keeper though. I won't say what I paid for it, but I have seen rear wheels on eBay with an asking price of more than I paid for the whole Bike.
    I'll attach a photo. The chain guard is off the bike in the photo. I do have it. When I went to look at the bike, the chain was off the back side of the front sproket. I had to remove the guard to get the chain back on. Did not want the chain flopping around while the bike was on my bike rack on the back of my Jeep.
    I haven't had tme to fool with the bike since I got it, but I did realize tonight that if I raise the seat up as high as it will go, I can almost ride that thing. I think I could if I put high rise handlebars on it.
    I probably will leave this bike stock. No motor. I always wanted one of these, red is my favorite and what's the chance of me finding another one like this ? Eno from down under has the same bike motorized. His is one of my most favorite bikes I've seen so far. I've already told him to watch out. If I ever make it to Australia, I'm going to steal his bike ! Hee ! Hee !
    Attached are 3 photos. On of my Schwinn fleet, one of my 1981 Continental that I bought new at a local bike store, all factory original, tires, brake pads, cables, everything and one of the latest member of the fleet, the Chopper.
    Again, thenks for the replies !

    ..... PC .....

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  6. Porkchop

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    Byron, is that you on your bike ? Anything to do with Schwinn Sting Rays is up my alley. I grew up on them back in the 60's and early 70's. You have a nice bike. When I have time, I'll get back with you for more info on your build. I'm planning the do pretty much the same thing as you've done, but on another bike.
    Thanks for the post !