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    Hi, new to the site. Got a schwinn chopper that I want to put a little engine it for my son. If everything goes OK, I'd like to do more bikes. Located in WA state, outside of Seattle. See a lot of engines, options, parts, etc. so before i start I'd love some advice from the community. I'd like to go with a 49cc four stroke but haven't really began my research as to what engine and by whom? Open to ideas. Anyone built this bike or have suggestions for me? How difficult is the build, good engine? disc brakes?, etc. etc.

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    Thanks, any suggestions for me?
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    Welcome from a fellow PNW'er. The OCC chopper presents a lot of challenges for a build. The odd frame and crank placement makes it difficult to mount an engine. The 4 stroke presents an even greater problem as there is no mounting kit available to use with that frame. There is a mounting kit available on Ebay made specifically to mount a 2 stroke on the OCC chopper and greatly reduces the hassle of mounting the engine. Hope that provides some useful information.
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    Found the mount, makes sense, thanks!. Do you know what engine most people use for this bike. I see starfire and Grubbe all over the net. Don't know if its just good marketing or if they are the ones to use?
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    This first one has made over 40mph (80cc).......very fast


    Next 2 projects.......

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    Hi Trix, very nice. I hope my end result looks like that. Going to put in the grubee 49 cc kit. Heard good things about it and know it works with the engine mount I have. How many hours did it take you?