Schwinn Cross fit -> good bike for the job

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    Hey all,

    I just installed my kit yesterday and am so excited!! I ordered from, and now im not so sure that was the best vendor cause im pretty sure it just came from bikeberry, and they didnt even ship half the "upgraded" parts I was promised, but I called in and complained and they handled it fairly well.

    I rode to work this morning and was almost late cause I got stopped a few times for people to ask questions. It certianly draws some attention! So far I have only got it up to about 25mph, but I dont want to push it during the break in period. And to be honest, 20mph seems really fast when your still on your bike! I started going down a steep slope and turned off the engine once I got to about 20mph and coasted to about 30 and was kinda scary! I will probably have to get some new/fatter tires to grip the road a bit better.

    It pulled me up our truck ramp at work no problem (a 8degree slope).

    So much fun!

    I have the kit installed on my old schwinn cross fit from about 1995. It is still a solid bike but im afraid the 700c wheels will be hard to replace if I ever have to.

    Not sure what the laws are around here, but im keeping it safe and in the speed limit. wearing eye protection and the lot. I do have a motorcycle license, just no bike. I dont want to have to register this bike, and I guess it may be a good thing that the motor kit didn't come with a tag for serial no or CCs or anything. I guess it would be easy to tell them its 49cc.

    I cant wait to get more into this, and meet some more enthusiasts.

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    Nice lookin first build. They are addicting quick arent they. I had lots of bolts get loose and my chain stretch quite a bit in the first 25 to 30 miles just a fyi. Check everything frequently during break in. Like you said 20mph on a bike is a lot faster than it sounds. Ride safe and have fun, welcome to the
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    Well, I figured it would be too good to be true. I got it started on my first try! rode it around a lot yesterday and today, but I am already having problems.
    -The engine runs smooth most of the time, but when I get to about 15-17 mph it boggs up a bit and doesnt give me full power.
    -When I am cruising at that speed, it will run really rough, but randomly it will become smooth again and instantly I will feel some acceleration.
    -I heard that bogging can be caused by a vacuum leak in the intake manifold. I checked all of that and checks out ok.
    -I added some gas line threadlocker tape to the manifold where the carb attatches cause it seemed too loose, and is much tighter now.
    -If I let it idle at stop, I will notice black oil very slowly dripping out the muffler.
    -There was also some oil spatter on the head around the spark plug. (see pics)
    -I took off the plug and noticed how dirty it is! this is my first time dealing with these bikes, but this does not seem good.
    -I used an expensive synthetic 2 stroke oil for dirt bikes, and the mixture is at approx 20:1 and the gas/oil mix is a clear blue color.
    -I took apart the carb, and things look good and really clean.

    Mind you this is only 2 days old and maybe has 5-8 miles on it. I hope I didn't push it too hard.


    (ps, I would have posted this in the "garage" tech section, but im too new!

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    With these kits you tend to get what you're willing to pay for. I prefer Japanese 4 strokes. You pay more but have less problems. Experienced 2 stroke mechanics can do the necessary upgrades to make the China girls work. Your good fortune is you can get that advice here. Post in the Two Stroke section.