Schwinn Delmar finished

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by tomaz, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. tomaz

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    Well all i finally got my first bike finished after four days and 10hrs of total time. I have to say I am very happy with the way it turned out. I got to ride last night for a little while and I rode it the 3.4mi to work this morning. It was a blast....
    Thanks again to all for your previous posts it helped alot with questions.

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  2. lordoflightaz

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    nice job, love all that black
  3. Youngbird

    Youngbird Member

    Good build....Looks great, but the front fender is on A$$backwards.
  4. tomaz

    tomaz New Member

    Corrected! Thanks.
  5. cspaur13

    cspaur13 Member

    nice build. i have the same bike. i wish i put the rear fender on mine. i like the black engine alot. i should paint mine then have my brother airbrush it with skulls or flames and same with the gas tank.
  6. biken stins

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    Nice ride .

    TINKERER Member

    I too dig the Black :cool2:
  8. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    Very nice!
  9. tomaz

    tomaz New Member

    Thanks all.

    I just picked up a new rear rack that will actually be functional and I also got a mirror. I am out of town right now so I cant wait to get back and put them on. The weather was cra** before I left so I am I am itching for a ride.
  10. sseisup

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    Sweet ride, 10 hrs? What have I got myself into.
  11. fetor56

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    Nice job there tomaz...air filter is wrong way around & u need to secure the muffler.
    Happy riding.
  12. you definitely need an inline fuel filter, the one in the tank is only for large particulate. If you do not have a fuel filter you will need to clean the needle/seat in the carb bowl from time to time.
  13. Looking great Tomaz!

    I'm getting a Del Mar this weekend and I've been obsessing over what engine to put on it. What size is your engine and who made it? Where did you purchase it? I see you adjusted the chain so that you didn't need the idler pulley. How hard was it to make this happen? Did you need to use a half link? It looks like the front mount on the engine uses the adapter for the larger front tube, correct?

    Thanks for any information you can provide! again, it looks great!
  14. Turtle Tedd

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    Looks good..I have one just like that......ride it ..upgrade it when you can ..tweaking and maintenance muffler is fine after 500 miles without any further additional a search on fenders..those stock Del Mar fenders will fracture sooner or later and hurt you...take them off..plastic fenders made by Planet Bike and a few other companies are good if you feel you need them...Del-Mar steel frame is good and strong that chain tensioner to the frame..get a front brake on that thing...fuel filter is manditory....looks real good,old school early motorcycle...ride on
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  15. Will Snow

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    Say, that looks nice. How do you plan to use it? Commute, just fun rides, carry on RV, etc. Whatever, you should like riding it and you can be sure people will want to stop and talk to you about it.
  16. Quenton Guenther

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    One of our factory test bikes is the Schwinn DelMar. We have hundreds of miles on it without any issues. We orginally installed the kit without the chain idler, but due to chain stretch and the clearance of the frame we are going to use the idler. Because of the frame I.D. where the idler needs to be attached we will alter the mount to avoid the idler moving inward and destroying the rear wheel. Before we ever started the bike we installed a second front fender brace to avoid the fender dropping onto the tire when the tab breaks [PLEASE address this issue to avoid injury]. Both the Schwinn DelMAr, and the Huffy Cranbrook need the front fender issue resolved.

    The Schwinn is a solid ride, great handling, vintage looking, and we think a good choice for a motorized ride.

    Our next modification will be installing a springer front fork and of course a front brake.
    We installed the 49 CC HS four stroke, and the Q-Matic drive, and it was easy to install and fit well. The only other change was to use the 1" shorter pedal crank [5.5"] & pedal extenders to clear the 4 stroke motor.

    200 MPG, over 30 MPH, great sound, sharp looking, and trouble free, just doesn't get any better than that!

    Have fun,
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  17. cwucat42

    cwucat42 Guest

    I really like it! Outstanding job! It looks like the motor I used on my Fat Tire bike, black and chrome. Just a little thing, but the air cleaner cover is upside down. Turning it down won't allow water inside.

  18. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    muffler mounting

    That is similar to what I am building but prettier. Do you have any mounts for the muffler or is it simply bolted onto the engine?

    Mine didn't come with any mounting accessories but an extra gasket and plenty of nuts and bolts.
  19. Pedal No More

    Pedal No More New Member

    Nice Did u have trouble matching the chain lengths? I like it though very good !!!

    What brand bike is it???
  20. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    re: idler pulley. I have long dropouts on my bike, so I am not using it. I plan to install it on the pedal side if I ever need to, but so far I have enough space to let the wheel dog track a little either way as necessary.

    Question for motor bicycle producers:
    Can you weld the bracket to the frame to use an idler pulley without fear of it ever turning and going into the spokes? I didn't want to use mine because I really thought it was scary looking. How do you measure to find out where to put it? (I mean using the bolts, for test fitting/test driving.)