Schwinn Ditch DH 2.0

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  1. DetonatorTuning

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    any one ever seen this bike ? i've found that they were sold by Costco out west, not sure where or if anywhere else.

    are these kind of like the Mongoose / Walmart bikes. good original bikes run into the ground on pricepoint ?

    this is the second potential bike for my Extacycles SUV / GEBE w/ gp460 project.

    the other is a very scarce and no longer built schwinn that i won't even name.


  2. ihatemybike

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    Yup, Schwinn now has two lines thanks to being bought out the good line at the bike shops and the department store krap. Do yourself a favor, avoid the department stores. The bikes aren't put together with any care and the materials used aren't as good. You're honestly better off buying a good used bike off Craigslist than buying a new bike from a department store.

    Things you really should be looking for on a current bike:
    V-brakes or disk brakes
    Threadless headset (clamp on style stem)
    Double wall alloy rims