Schwinn Ecotour Improvement

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by Neon, Feb 26, 2010.

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    Hi Everyone

    This is what winter boredom does to me, gives me stupid ideas that i have to put into practical use. The bike is not finished still have to fabricate one more bracket and a few guards. My legs are far too pretty to be ripped up by chains. I have to relocate the kickstand or use a different one. Then i have to pretty it up to take care of the scratches and dings i created when moving things around. It does work as is right now but haven't road tested it yet. The weather has been far too windy and wet lately. I went through a quick rip through the house. One of the nice things about electric is that you don't stink the place up or carbon monoxide poison yourself. There is much more torque with this setup as it now likes to pop the front end up with me aboard, where it wouldn't with the stock setup. I'd like to thank everyone here that helped with my ideas so far. This is a great forum with many helpful people

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    Cool. I like the chain rings on the left side like a vintage Raleigh.
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    RIP Ecotour

    I finally managed to road test the bike. The weather broke long enough for a good run. Speeds i was able to obtain were not that impressive to me anyway. I managed to top out at 25 mph before i hit a whopper of a pot hole. That road side hazard bent the front rim badly, bent the rear rim and axle almost too much to be repaired. So the Schwinn has been laid to rest and the parts have been put on a full suspension mountain bike. I am now just waiting for the hub to have a new axle installed and a new rim to be laced on the hub. It won't be a 700c rim though. Had enough of those useless things. A 26" rim is being put on instead. I could just lace the hub myself, but i'm too lazy, don't have the time etc. But no one seems to care so anyway so bye for now.