Schwinn Jaguar Bicycle forsale

I have a Schwinn-Jaguar Bicycle that I had purchased a while ago from target for $110.00. I had an 80cc engine on it and then sold the engine the bike is still like new and in good condition i cut down the bars so that it can be controlled better and is easier to ride. I also removed the chain guard because it would rattle off every time I road the bike. the frame is already drilled for the frame adapter plate and a 44 tooth sprocket is mounted on the rear wheel already. all you have to do is mount and engine and you would have a nice bike. I am selling the whole bike ill take the best offer. If you are interested send me a message. I can also send photos. If you would like to buy the bike i will have to figure out shipping cost for the bike. below is a link to a picture of the same bike im selling its not the actual photo I will take one and send it to you if your interested.