Schwinn Jaguar Question

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by rcjunkie, May 7, 2007.

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  1. rcjunkie

    rcjunkie Guest

    Does anybody have one of these? I have a spare threaded 1 1/8 inch suspension fork and need to know if it will fit on a Jaguar.




  2. I put a 1 1/8" suspension fork on a '96 Schwinn Cruiser Six and it fit fine. You shouldn't have a problem with the Jaguar 8)
  3. rcjunkie

    rcjunkie Guest

    Thanks for the info.
  4. erikvilla

    erikvilla Guest

    I have a Schwinn Jaguar bike thats in great shape hardly used that im selling parts off of. if any 1 is interested it in the buy/sell/trade section