Schwinn MB Stingray Chopper

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bilboby, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. bilboby

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    Has anyone ever ridden or are still riding the Schwinn MB Stingray Chopper and if so what are there thoughts and experiences? I'm only asking because I've got the chance of aquiring such a MB but before I fork out big bucks I'd rather wait and see what your thoughts are ie: riding, reliability, economic etc..
    Should mention that the bike in question has an unknown 50cc Chinese engine mounted onto it hence would I be better off replacing this engine with that of a honda GXH 50 which I used for a previous experiment with rear friction drive.

    Cheers for any help

  2. Saddletramp

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    Hi, If you mean the OCC Schwinn I have 4 of them. There a sweet riding bike. My only trouble is safety! Rear brake only. Hi light, Wonderful ride! Cars can't/DON"T see something that low to the ground. They are a chopper, they don't handle well enough to get you out of the way from a car. One is a Honda GHX 50 The other a 66cc 2 stroke. For primary transportation I don't recomend them. For fun, their a blast.:cool:
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    Hi, having taken onboard what you have said I decided on getting the bike thus I'm now Intrested in knowing if your honda GXH 50 was easy to put on your bike and if so what recommendations would you give?

  4. wheelbender6

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    An engine install on an OCC Schwinn is a bit complicated. The engine needs to be offset to the left so that the motor chain clears the fat rear tire.
    A two stroke will not bolt right up to that OCC frame. You need to weld on a front engine mount or use one of the stingray motor adaptors from EBay.
    To summarize, The Stingray engine install is difficult for a first time builder.
  5. Saddletramp

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    Well I see your as stubborn as I am. I like that. We took a stock motor mount for a two stroke modded it into a 4 stroke mount. As you know the Honda mounts from the bottom. We used a Maxx Torque clutch A 36 T rear sprocket, and everything else is pretty much from a 2 stroke kit. Welded tabs to the frame so the gas tank would mount properly. And easy is not a word I would use to describe building one of these bikes. I don't have pictures nor will I take any. I'm not getting ripped off twice. Last time I shared an idea with a "friend" it cost me 1/2 million dollars. There are a lot of pre made parts for a project like this. I wish you much luck, the rest is up to you. These bikes are not cheap or easy to do. But done right the rewards are great.
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    Hmm looks like I'll have to look for an alternative way of running the Honda GXH 50 with the Schwinn Stingray Chopper. I do also have a complete Staton outside gear & shift drive setup for a once proposed project on another bike converting from rear friction drive to the mentioned gear/ shift mechanism, but the project never got off the ground despite paying big bucks etc. If I do manage on fitting the Staton setup onto the Schwinn then the HT motor will only serve as a back up emergency engine. Problem being that 2 stroke engines are considered to be very anti pollution friendly and I've got a feeling that here in France very soon they'll be banned from use for powering household outside gardening equipment etc.

  7. motorpsycho

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    oh yeah...I have one that I built.
    Its'a rough ride, i'll tell you that.
    but, mine has a 66 c.c. happy time that likes to vibrate at top speed.
    plus, my seat isn't the best. I made the seat but I should have added more foam to it.
    I can only ride mine for about 15-20 minutes at a time because it gets too uncomfortable.
    but i built it to just zip around my neighborhood anyway, and I built it mostly for looks.
  8. chainmaker

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    You need a more comfortable seat for cruising, this is one on a Stingray I have on the back burner

  9. jafo007

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    Where did you get the gas tank from>\?