Schwinn Meridian Trike Build

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    A friend and I decided to motorize a Meridian late last fall. We bought a 50cc motor that came with a bike install kit. Nothing in the kit was useful except the motor and attached clutch/gear reducer (gear egucer failed in the first 5 miles of use). The motor turned ot to be a 50cc Chinese Honda knock-off. We replaced the clutch with the cenrifugal clutch made for a Honda GX35 (perfect fit on our 50cc).

    The overall problem we icured was getting ~6,000 rpm down to a managable ~ 250 rpm. No easy task without a store bought transmission. We finally managed to get where we wanted using two jack shafts in an over-under configuration on the engine mounting plate.

    I would be happy to supply pictures if I had a clue how that was done here.

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    Yup.... I am going to need to see these pics!!

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