Schwinn Meridian w/ Staton Front Friction

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    Okay. I built a schwinn meridian Gear/Chain drive a few weeks ago and it gets so much attention that im getting people that want one too. I went to my local Acadamy Sports and picked up another meridian. I went with the friction drive for ease of operation and it just leaves less to go wrong.

    first pics are of the trike as it comes from the store. and they dont lie when they say "some assembly required"


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    Went to install the kit (which arrived a day ago) and i noticed this!! A CRACK In the motor mount! The crack was isolated to the blower cover, but allowed the clutch bell housing to touch the bell.

    I called David and got no answer, so I called the North American parts Div. for Robin Subaru hopeing for a new part under warrenty. they said that it was covered if indeed the motor was new .. blah blah blah.. you need to take it to a service center... yadda yadda... then they asked... and what was this motor part of? i almost said a pump but didnt want to get the wrong cover because the pumps dont have a clutch. so i said. "a motorized bike" . I was then told that my warrenty was void and that my motor was not intended to be used in that mannor. He didnt have much to say to me after that.

    The only other thing other than a pump that i have seen this motor in was a small generator.

    I then called staton-inc.

    I notified David and he said he was sending me a new blower cover, the crack is just on that cover thankfully it wasnt worse!

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    I decided to get the system mocked up while I wait for the part.

    [ PIC #1 ]
    I was worried about the brakes interfering with the fork mount. but it just had enough room.

    [ PIC #2 ]
    The supplied bolts for mounting the bracket were 1/2" too short so I replaced with 2.5" long grade 8 stock.

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    [ PIC #1 ]
    Now, The supplied 6 hole plates supplied with the kit intended to secure the support rods, are not compatable with the meridian. This is because the meridian has rear mounted screws for the fender supports. as seen in .

    [ PIC #2 ]
    I ended up using 90deg. brackets. This may be temporary.

    [ PIC #3 ]
    Im going to the shop tomorow and will be drilling a hole large enough to pass the hub nut through. This would allow the 6 hole bracket to be used.

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    I plan on painting some of the brackets. But all thats left to do is wait for the part to come in. and mount the motor.

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    Hey, nice documentation and pics. I don't have a trike but you never know.

    Interesting comments from R/S on the warranty issue, I'm pretty heavy into Robins. Dave Staton claimed the factory warranty is good when I asked him, and he obviously knows the engine is going on a bike. Maybe if a warranty issue ever came up the thing to do is pull it and say it's a general utility engine, yeah that's the ticket, lol

    You think it got broken in shipping?
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    Good luck Scott.

    I'm hoping you super-reinforce that front wheel/tire, zip tie those spokes, so those N'Orleans potholes don't knockout the alignment.
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    wouldn't hurt for Dave to kick in on warranty issue

    surprised that crack slipped through -- pretty darn noticeable

    wouldn't hurt for Dave to kick in with some warranty on his own part
    where Robin may fall short
    because they wish not to cover engine's for our MB use

    it's not like Dave would be losing a lot
    the R/S is well proven -- built strong -- to last -- next to no problems

    as we ride those things
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    Yeah, When I called Dave he said that he would pull the part off a engine he had in stock if he couldnt locate an extra in the shop. he said he has 2,000 of the R/S's in stock.

    On another note. If i were him i would get a better packing method. It came packed in about 500 balled up newspaper pages. (the same way the last kit i ordered came) which is nice but I have seen some dumb UPS drivers lately. I saw a driver in front of my house one day drop a box because he was trying to carry to much, and instead of putting down the rest and picking the dropped one up he slid it across the street with his foot and then tumbled it up the curb like a soccar ball. so... its anyones guess as to how the packages get damaged.
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    I ran vinyl tape on the inside of the rim, over the spoke ends. and used the super thick slime tubes on all three tires. Im thinking about a solid front tire and a suspension fork up front. I have a few old bikes with the gas rock shox. i think the brace for the brakes is burley enough to handle the kit. It may be just a dream though.
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    I was bored and READ a lot of those Oklahoma papers, the last shipment was right about when he had to shut down for the tornado that hit nearby.

    You are entirely correct, I like the way GEBE packs theirs, with foam and hard space created with cardboard, even if something pierces the outside box, the engine is nestled in an inner sanctum. Can't remember a damaged unit.....

    I've put front engines on a couple of trikes, and its all in getting used to the extreme change in steering/handling. You have to really avoid overcompensate with swerving.
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    new brackets. they seem to be good. they dont move at all. only time will tell.

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    I couldnt agree more with you on the way the trikes handle. this is my first 26" wheel front drive trike. the rear chain drive meridian I built handles well. you just need to get used to the drifting feeling when you ride on a rutted out road or a uneven sidwalk.

    the 20" tri-fecta front friction drive trike I built handled well. I had the seat all the way down so petaling was not easy. I tell people that the max speed is 18mph if you dare. i find myself at about 12mph 18 feels fast for my area. i bet on a wide smooth country road 20mph would seem slow. but if you want speed get a 2 wheel bike.

    I also find that the more i ride a trike. the more I like them. I had one on two wheels not to long ago. :wheelchair: dont need to end up in a wheel chair.
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    Sorry for not updateing this for all those interested. I recieved the blower cover from dave. And everything is perfect now. All i can say is the setup is great. I have put many many many miles on it in the last month.

    with the 7/8" roller I can get the trike up to 25mph cruising speeds but rarely need to go that fast. Everywhere I go people ask where to get one. I point them to the staton inc website.
  15. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Front Suspension Fork?

    Think very carefully, Scott.

    How are you going to mount your friction drive on a suspension fork?:whistling:
  16. scottcol23

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    lol. Where there's a will, there's a way. but i dont see that happening. if anything i would need to find some aluminum tubing to cut into a mount and weld to the front forks. I've got too many projects going on ATM but. who knows... later? I have been putting so many miles on the hubs i think its time to upgrade to something better. Schwinn puts some cheapo ones on from the factory. Would like 12g spokes and all steel rim. Mabe i can find some fatty tires for the rear tires. would be cool with 4" rims. lol