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  1. meloni

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    I live in california and I use a Schwinn 26" mountain bike for the short mouving, but now I feel the need some more cruise speed (I need do ride distant relativly fast)

    Whats the cheapest friction conversion for my bicycle? (my weight is 210 lbs and I need at least 25 mph per 10miles)

    last but most important question: IS IT LEGAL?? (or I need an additional insurance, helmet ecc ecc??)

    bye bye and thanks

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  3. It is legal in CA.
    Just go to the DMV page and download the motorized bicycle form,
    and you can apply for plates.

    The only snag is that I think in CA you are required to get an M2 lic.
    I haven't been pulled over yet, and I don't have my plates displayed.
    I just haven't had time to mount them.
  4. meloni

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    ok guys, thanks for the info, but I need one more favour:

    Can You help me abaut the regulation?

    I have the italian driving license, and I have a Student Visa too.

    What other document I need to be legal, and how big is are the damage if the police do a control and I am not very legal? :-((

    Thanks another time and have fun
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    the least, verbal warning. medium, ticket. worse ur bike gets taken from ya, i doubt theyed arrest ya.
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    dot helmet, full time lights front and rear, good riding habits, hand signals, etc...

    do everything in your power to avoid being checked out in the first place :)
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    yea, my friends always make fun and say im imatating a bird, but my parents have beaten into my head that cops will take anything i own, so im extra cautious lol.take a look at my helmet. it is from the 80s (it was my dads) dot's logo is now square. i moved up from a small to a medium. my frind uses my old helmet. but when i got this helmet there was not 1 scratch. and now look at it! lol espically the back, i only wrecked twice, but my fenders dont work worth a carp. but this is just an example of a dot helmet (motorcycle helmet) they are very beefy.

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  9. Where in California are you located?
    I would just wear a good helmet, and got the CA plates.
    Officially, you ARE supposed to have the moped drivers license (M2)
    but if you get pulled over, just plead ignorance,
    say "I didn't know.." They only changed the law to require the M2 in '06.

    Cops in my city (San Francisco) are way to busy to bother
    with some dork on a motorized bicycle or motorized scooter (both legal as well)
    as long as we're RIDING SAFE! That's the most important. Drive politely, and
    people just ignore you.
    If you speed around like a madman, then the cops will be all over you.
  10. meloni

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    I live in Van Nuys, San Fernando valley.

    What are the requirements to have the plate and what are the cost?

    Ok, if the police stop me and I show my italian driving license and if they ask for the M2 lic I say : I didn't know, sorry...They only changed the law to require the M2? (how much?)
    just in case, how is difficult have this type of license?

    how quiet is the gebe kit with the robin 035 or the 025 and the other engine?

    What type of helmet is required? a normal bicycle helmet is fine?

    with an electric conversion, I need the lic?
    what do you think abaut this kit? they apply a discount, is it a good deal?

    Thanks another time for the help
    This is the form to fill out and send to the DMV.

    It would be best to get a CA drivers license at least,
    and it wouldn't hurt to get the M2. I don't know what would happen if
    you got pulled over and you explained that you didn't know.
    But I'd hate for you to get in trouble.

    A bicycle helmet is all that's needed, but I would suggest you get a DOT
    approved motorcycle helmet (safer)
  12. meloni

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    yes, probably is not a good situation explain at some nyce cop's that I did'nt know....specially with my absolutly not very good english :shock:

    anyway after send the form to the dmv to get the license where I need to go?

    and with the electric conversion I need the same documents?
    I dont need a big endurance and speed.

    I'ts a big trouble

    thanks and bye bye
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  14. h3ch4

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    Actually, in California, you don't need a license or registration for electric motors!
    Knowing that, I think you should get an electric kit. Less paperwork that way, but quite a bit pricier.

    You can get some nice kits at . I've ordered parts for my electric scooter from them, and I got what I needed without a problem.