Schwinn OCC Stingray motor mounts?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by B.K. Hosken, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. B.K. Hosken

    B.K. Hosken Member

    I know live fast motors has a mount for the Schwinn OCC Stingray, but does any other vendor make one? I saw one nearby for cheap...and they are COOL looking, just begging for a 2 stroke...

  2. mikaleno

    mikaleno Member

    Well, Barry's the other guy who makes one, (he's on ebay, good price too). Personally I like the Livefast one because it bolts to the down tube as part of the mounting. It seem to handle the strain of bump starting better......It seems to me anyways.

    Now that being said, someone else might prefer Barry's, he makes a great product! Barry is a real nice guy, refunded my money and let me keep the mount too!
  3. B.K. Hosken

    B.K. Hosken Member

    Barry is his Ebay sell name, or is that his name on these forums? How much is his mount?
  4. mikaleno

    mikaleno Member

    Just go to ebay and put "OCC Schwinn Motormount" on their search and you'll see both the motormounts.
  5. B.K. Hosken

    B.K. Hosken Member

    Ahhh, thanks!
  6. ENO

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    Stingray Motor Mount

    I finally found how to upload photos and so have posted the Stingray Chopper engine mount i made..Bit rough with the welds and rubbers but I will use it as a pattern for the next "neat" one..The engine sits low and is very solid with no drilling into the frame..Photos at IAN HARDING page..See yas