Schwinn Riverside 7 speed 4 stroke shifter

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    My bike is a Schwinn Riverside 7 speed from K-Mart. (great brakes)
    Honda clone 4 stroke.
    Sick Bike Parts shift kit.
    The bike is licensed with a California license plate.
    I have installed a brake light, head light and left side mirror.

    The exhaust is 3/4" soldered copper pipe connected to the stock muffler with a 1/2" to 3/4" copper adapter. The pipe has 2 90 degree turns to make it down under the engine mount where it makes a 45 degree turn on the left side then straight back past the rear axle. The pipe does not get hot enough to melt the soldered joints.

    I haven't driven it much since I need to go get a M2 license from the DMV.
    I have a DOT motorcycle helmet.

    I am not interested in going over 30 mph. I would like to make this a reliable motorized bicycle. The engine runs much better after regapping the spark plug. The gap was 1/2 of what it should have been.

    I put a washer on the end of the pull start cord so that it doesn't pull through the rubber handle again.

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    Welcome to MBc.....sounds like you are already a pro.
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    Hi Stan4d
    I did a lot of reading here at
    If I would just go get that M2 license I could have some fun.
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    The Stage III gear box is a ill conceived piece of trash that ruins the whole 4 stroke kit.
    The straight gears in the whining, clattering box would be OK run if they could be run with a few ounces of trans fluid to lubricate them and the bushings but the clutch which is inside the gear box needs to be run dry (no matter what the venders say).
    It's a no win situation.
    Save your money and buy a real moped, 50cc Honda trail bike or a 2 stroke kit or build your motorized bicycle.
    The centrifugal clutch sucks in more ways than I have time to mention.
    What a waste of money this 4 stroke project has been. It sure looks good though!
    I'll have to make a one off dry clutch pulley box to mate to the Sick Bike shifter kit.
    When the centrifugal clutch does work you have to come to a complete stop before it will re-engage again. Potential buyers should realize that there will be no compression braking at all. If you live in hilly country it's drive up hill and coast down. In my situation it's drive up hill coast down come to a complete stop or else the clutch will not re-engage.
    I don't want to hear any vender fallacies like (My bike doesn't do that after 100,000 miles). **** is **** and if you are a potential buyer save your hard earned money.