schwinn s1 bike build by chazz

Hey guys,

So i took the leap and started this project three weeks ago. it's my fist build. SO, The motor arrived Thursday and I mocked everything up except the rear sprocket. I have a coaster brake at the moment but I'm going to change the rear wheel out as soon as i know exactly what i need and want to do. I've assembled a list of whats left to do on the bike and i figured if i posted it some of you guys could answer some questions and help me knock it out of the park. my tank is new BTW i got it from a local moped shop for 65 bucks the cap was an extra 20. I was gonna paint it black but the silver grey grew on me.

The short list
- upgrade fuel line (filter as well?)
- Drill handlebar for throttle assembly
- bend muffler a bit to clear peddles
- upgrade engine hardware
- shorten throttle cable
- shorten clutch cable ( Should i add the clutch roller plate it seems to be cleaner and more effective.
- rear brake light (Will get into the brakes for the bike)
- upgrade kickstand (cosmetic)
- upgrade cdi (when i have more funds)
-duel brake lever for right side (when i figure the brakes out)
- Custom decals for the tank etc.....

VIP status
* Motor mounts (need to obtain a machined front tube mount. The one with the kit is not worth the headache it may/will cause.) rear as well why not..(what are the best ones to use any opinions)

* Front wheel- ADD a disk or drum brake but need to figure out the back wheel situation first so my rims match. (need some help)

* Rear wheel- (biggest hurdle) Remove coaster wheel and add a freewheel with another brake system. (was thinking of a 24" inch rear wheel for the lowered rear look)

* Add rear sprocket adapter

the tires i have are rated for 220lbs I'm around 220 so with me and the weight of the bike the tires are screaming a bit. Can someone tell me what tires i can run on the bike that will work weight wise the tires i have are rated 40 psi I've seen 60 psi tires on some sites will this work or a better question may be what are the fattest/ heavy duty tires i can run that will clear my springer fork and the two rear chains.

BTW big thanks to all the posters on this site it's an MB encyclopedia....any and all help would be much appreciated.



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it's a 1 gallon tank. When i bought it he said he could order them. he had this one in his stock room and found it by accident when he was looking around for a tank for me. they are nice people so i bet if you called them they would help you out in some way if you were interested.
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very nice... i have built alot of cruiser witht he retro handle bars either high or wide ...and yours is very nice...

aso just wanted to ask how did you bend your muffler?? did you simply use a blow torch and heat the spot you needed the bend from?? and push with it bolted down?? im in the middle of bending my exhaust now so just wanted a tip


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Hey Huotalicus,
I haven't bent it yet. I read some where that a good way to do it is to clamp it in a vise and use a rubber mallet. If it's a major bend i think heating it would work but with a slight bend i don't think it's needed. where did you get your front engine double u bolt clamp has it worked out well for you?