Schwinn Searcher Build

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    Hey all...

    The bike is a Schwinn Searcher 7 speed from K Mart for $149, and the engine is a 66cc I got from Ebay for $119 plus shipping.

    This is my second build of a MB, my first one was the pusher trailer, which technisally may or may not count for a MB.

    Anyways, I just did not like the look of the tear drop gas tank on the upper tube, so I added a rear rack and painted a 96 ounce lawnmower tank to kind of match the bike.

    Have about 25 miles or so on her now, she is still running a little rough, but hoping she clears up after the first full tank of fuel.

    Starting my next build on Tuesday when my BMP friction kit shows up, I have a 43cc knockoff engine for it I got from Ebay for $59 brand new.

    Let me know what you think of my frame mount work, The front down tube was way too big so I had to drill the front motor mount...

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