Schwinn Searcher; thoughts on mounting

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by diamondedge, May 23, 2008.

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    some these guys might yell at you for not posting in the introduce your self first but welcome
    what we need to know is it a 2 stroke or 4 kit

    that bike looks cool with ape hanger on it the only thing i can think of is the 4 stroke kit ,,you need to change out the crank to a wider crank i think you need the 3 piece then not the 2 piece

    have a look at this bike you would need to get some brakes on it but it sure looks cool
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    Thanks for the welcome. I saw the Introduce yourself after I posted....

    Anyway, here is what I came up with for the front mount:

    And am I doing something wrong, because I have WAY too much chain, as you can see in picture two. I guess I will have to take the chain somewhere to shorten it??

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    That chain is for sure to long, you can shorten the chain yourself , i believe there is a chain tool out there, or you can grind the pin down to the link, and use a small punch, and hammer to knock the pin out of the link works really good, if you have a grinder, punch,and hammer.
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    I forgot to mention if you look on the thatsdax website, they have a pic of your bike with the kit already installed, they used the drill the hole in the frame method, but it looks your mount should be sturdy enough.
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    I have a little hand grinder, I will definitely try that.

    Thanks for the info!
  7. MasterLink

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    i didnt have to grind my chain down .....heres what i do just support it use a 2x4 then punch the pin though with a nail set or something that will go though the hole dont push the pin all the way out...... see how many links need to come out dont use the tensioner yet.take the right amount out then put the other side the link back together you should have a peanut with just one hole to slide together your pin side,,,,,,, or my ace hardwhere had the MASTERLINK for the chain or a bike store bring the chain with you i think it was 1/2 x 3/16 i forget now if you use the masterlink it gos on the inside towards you crank and if you do it this way you will have 2 peanuts on both sides set your tensioner up have it low your chain should stretch a bit can you flip that front bracket over ? it would rest on 2 points then or drill your frame the tighter your motor is the less issues you are goin to have with the chain and smoothness keep us updated where you are we are here mam ! whoo hoooo

    (i lost my MasterLink i had it wrong side made a lot of noise and was no where to be found i bus it back home and it could of hurt me )

    ps useing the MasteLlink has its advantages
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    I agree with using a masterlink also, its simple, and easy.
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    you can get an inexpensive chain breaker for your travel kit also have 1/2 and full links just in case
  10. HoughMade

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    I use a masterlink, but I still just punch the pin out with a nailset. That way, I can always add links back if I need to adjust chain length....which since I am consider a third sprocket change, I will be.
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    Thanks for all the advice, I have been busy with the kids and other stuff but I am going to try to finish the project Saturday.

    The chain has a masterlock link on it, so I should be good. I will post pics after.
  12. diamondedge

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    This is such a frustrating build. The darn tank doesn't fit the oversized tube, so I gotta figure a way to mount that. Nothing is easy....
  13. diamondedge

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    So I got everything together and the darn chain keeps coming off. I think I need to take one more link out (or two) and put some padding on my pulley so it will be tight, as it is slipping now. Hopefully Saturday is the big day...
  14. Jax Rhapsody

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    man I just use a flat head and phillips screwdrivers with a hammer and plyers to remove links and put the chain back together..
  15. diamondedge

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    Chain tightened up and looks good, but no spark, even after a new plug. I think my CDI is bad... hopefully can get warranty on it.
  16. KiDD

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    How did you check the spark?
    Check all your wire connectors and ground the plug by letting it sit on the cylinder head and turn the engine over to see if it sparks.
    I had trouble with mine, the problem was my kill switch died. Remove kill switch and try again
  17. diamondedge

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    I pull the plug out, and while hooked up to the CDI I spun the back tire to drive the motor. Does that not work? I do have voltage coming from the motor. I do not have the kill switch currently hooked into the system.
  18. KiDD

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    The spark plug needs to be touching ground for there to be a spark, lay it on the cylinder head and try it again.
  19. diamondedge

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    So I got a new CDI and things are running great now. I took it around the house a few times, not as much power as I had hoped for, but still fun to ride. I will post pictures in a few days.

    thanks for everyones help!
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    Good luck with your bike. I am putting a Honda wt. a GruBee gearbox on the same bike.

    I looked at your engine mount and had read a thread about the studs in the engine case vibrating and stripping out the threads. You might want to search the subject? Changing to American bolts and studs plus the proper thread lock seem to be in order.

    I intend to change out all the bolts and studs that came with my kit.

    I have not gotten to the upper tube and the gas tank fit yet. I am still grinding the adjustable mount for the engine to fit the large lower tube. Nice thing about the frame is, if you ever want to go to a 4 stroke engine, it has the room for it.

    I searched a lot of bike shops looking for a frame to fit the engine and mount which wasn't too big for me. Jim