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    As some of you know, I bought a schwinn skyliner. The engine i plan to put on it is the 4-stroke IF EZMotorbike. I am wondering about the tires and especially the wheels that came with it. One member of this forum recommended replacing the OEM stuff with Husky wheels. BUT...this is a 21 speed with a 7 sprocket and Husky doesnt have anything like that.
    So What do you guys think. I want to use the 11 or 12 gauge spoke 26X2.125 wheels but it seems I'm stuck, with a changeout. Help me out, if you know something. Thanks

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    Fat rims

    Well Skweezit, if your set on the 26X2.125 fat rims you'll have to have them relaced to the 7Spd. hub, check your spoke dish out
    (the amount of left to right side off set)
    and hub.rim/frame clearances well.

    I suggest you have the wheels built by a good bike shop, they have the tools and fixtures to do the job right the first time.

    Rims and hubs dont care if there not from the same manufacturer, all that counts is the number of spokes, the computed length of the new spoke and nipple combo, that take into account rim thickness and hub spoke hole diameter.
    (bike shops have tables for this)

    I suggest 36 spokers, with 12 gauge stainless steel spokes, with good thick brass spoke nipples. I like to use a tiny drop of blue loctite in each
    nipple the night before i assemble the wheels so it has a chance to dry.

    Follow this and you'll get many trouble free miles out of them, if there built right to begin with, then all they will need is a truing once a season.

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    Thanks. buz. That was the piece of the puzzle i was missing.
    Thanks to ocscully for your input too!!
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    De Nada skweezit.... although I might not be the best bike mechanic on the forums... i have still beat it for 40 years...I'm always happy to help out a fellow M/Ber.
    Hit me up if ya need a Hand.