Schwinn Spoiler (Goin for that Harley Look)

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by likemyspoiler, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. This is a build I had finished a while ago. I had used a Starfire Super Rat GT5 engine. (Not many super rats imported) I also used Harley Sportster fuel tank. Won't need to stop for fuel often with that 2.2 gal. tank! I also had tried something different with rear disc brakes. (disc brakes standard on Spoiler) Since I needed a rear drive sprocket as well I decided to use rear sprocket for brake disc as well. I used a 36 tooth front crank sprocket that was flat & drilled my own holes for mounting to wheel. relocated rear caliper lower so it wouldn't interfere with drive chain. (as seen in pic) Brakes worked as good as always. Just had to be very careful if lubed chain. Brake rotors don't work well if lubed as well! lol. It turned out to be a fun bike to ride. Chain & engine alignment couldn't have worked out better. I thought I would post this & share some ideas if anyone had plans on a Schwinn Spoiler build. Thanks, Dan

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  2. graucho

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    One fine look'in ride you have there. It looks like you may have room between the seat
    post and rear tire for a small 12v rechargable battery, if you ever need lights?. (maybe to tight)
    Looks like a 94 sproster tank?. Your ride is a head turner for sure.
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    Likemyspoiler, Nice bike! Where did you get the pipe? Creative engineering is in the process of making spoiler kits, they will have ht 80 motor that he completely goes through, new o-ring cases, new head, kick start, better bearings, balanced crank, ported etc. It will be belt drive to a sram 3-speed hub, and belt driven to a pully right beside the rear rotor. Will post pics when they are done, he is working on 6 spoilers.

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  4. Gene

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    Your bike is sweet and it was the direction I was going in until I discovered Jim's design and fabrication plans. Did you consider a dual front disc set up? And I love your tank! Oh well to ebay I go
  5. I can't wait to see the pics!!! They sound really cool. The pipe I had bought from E-Bay last summer. There is pleanty of room for a battery, but I didn't want to have the extra clutter from battery box, wiring, etc. I also have a few Whizzers with excellent lighting so I don't need it for night rides anyway. The fuel tank is from a sportster from the late 70's I think. Thanks, Dan
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    Yeah if you don't mind me asking, what was the total cost of this project?
  8. Gene

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    Yea don't mind me asking?

    Me too !! After buying a 2001 Harley Davidson 2001 Custom Sportster for 6,000 and finishing it in 2005 for 24,000 I am asking the same questions. Never Again LOL
    Yea that's a Sportster

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  9. junkyard

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    i love the sprocket/rotor idea....looks clean and simple....great job

    i might have to redo mine like that to get my pedals back....mine has a pocket bike motor and no pedals....might have to switch that too

    maybe a hybrid of what you did on the rear wheel and jims motor mounts

    thx for the pics
  10. It's hard to remember all the prices that I paid for everything. I should have kept a running tally. However, maybe it's good I didn't. lol. The bike I found on sale at an online bike store in Tx. I think it was 299.00. The Grubee Super Rat I was lucky to get my hands on & I got that for 325.00 from Dennis, he is the Grubee dealer that was listed in the Grubee engine manual. He had told me that I had 1 of 2 of the Super Rats that where imported that he knew of. The engine mount was one of Barry's & the exhaust was from live fast. I can't remember the prices on those items. The tank was also from ebay & I think it was around 125.00. The tank was in great condition when I got it & the color even matched pretty dang close. I used tank as I got it to keep the original Harley decals in tact. Over all I don't think it was that expensive of a build. I know I have way more in some of the Whizzer restorations that I've done. However that's a whole different think when working on a bike that's more that 50 years old! Thanks, Dan
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    Spoiler build

    Starting my build soon.. Where can I find a motor mount?