schwinn spoiler with 47cc pocketbike engine

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by sunofjustice, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. sunofjustice

    sunofjustice Guest

    Finally finished new bike!:grin: I really wanted to put a 110cc 4 stroke, 4 speed w a kickstart... but the engines weight alone freaked me out. Besides, I already had a pocket bike engine from a failed attempt at mounting it on a mountain bike with the wrong gearing (55t pocketbike sprocket) and wrong size tire (26 inch). Burned the clutch out in one day, and went slower than honey uphill in january.:rolleyes: Also, I wanted to do a spoiler no one else did, no drilling of the frame, dual FRONT disc brakes(that work!),PEDALS , hidden gas tank, and a hotrodded pocketbike engine that was'nt bone stock. I hate stock anything! This is my first real posting of pics I hope this works.

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  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    a most excellent build! you should be proud...even at MBc, you're outside the box :cool:
  3. sunofjustice

    sunofjustice Guest

    Runs pretty good! Had some problems with starting though...this seems to be an inherent trait of pocketbike engines that most people DONT mention! These engines have HIGH compression and use 91 octane. The majority of the time I can start it after a few pulls, (when cold)....but the minority(40%) it will take maybe six to eight. I found out later one of the clutch springs was a little slack. Dragging the engine down.:shock: Odd,even though I installed the heavy duty springs before I rode it. Fun ride regardless...cant wait to reinstall the delorto 1414 replica carb, manifold combo! Here are some more pics cross your fingers.

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  4. sunofjustice

    sunofjustice Guest

    In the last attachment there should be a pic of the sprocket adaptor I made from a free lawnmower pulley I got from weigartz (local lawn equiptment dealer here in michigan) I should of took a photo of how the pulley looked after dremeling the **** out of it for two hours!!! (one very THICK pulley!) It took TEN heavy duty cut wheels to shape lots and lots and lots of filing and sanding. The sprocket is a 98t from daves discount motors. The exhaust, also from daves, was 40 bones. The following shows the revisions I had to make to the stock exhaust (gasket/port matching) as well as the chain tensioner and chain guide. (The chain worked good enough...... its just the way it swayed and undulated when under power concerned me.:shock:) Right now the drive train is perfect!:grin:

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  5. now that's cool

    RATRODER Guest

    sonof ? RED wheels,you are after my hart, nice work. louis
  7. atcspaul

    atcspaul Guest

    very nice
  8. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    some nice work there dude
    excellent engineering !!!
  9. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Very nice mods on your Spoiler!
  10. Very Nice job

    Looks great. You hid the tank so well I don't see it. Where is it? I had some troubles with a 43cc hard to start. The choke wasn't sealing properly So pull pull repeat. I didn't find the prob untill changed the intake.--Now starts right up. Looked a lot like your carb. Anyway it's great to see another pocket bike motor out there. Excellent work.
  11. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I think it's in the bag under the seat :D
    do I win something? :lol:
  12. sunofjustice

    sunofjustice Guest

    Thank you, fellas.....the tank is indeed in da bike bag. I used a "mosquito" gas tank from a goped site some where. The shut off valve (bottom of seat post, after filter) is a $5 gem. I think tecumseh makes it. It flows fuel like nobodys business, and is VERY light! I dont need a tickle button or primer bulb to start the motor cold. just open the valve up and she streams gobs of fuel. The original fuel shut off valves for pocket bikes is soooooooo restrictive, I had to make it better. I also replaced th' stock reed with a triple stage black widow reed....felt pretty **** good! Still breaking th' engine in though.....hard to stay out of th' throttle.;) I'll say this much, it pulls in a very linear fashion. No lag, you can coast on the idle circuit up till 15mph....then punch it and it just pulls until you let off. Nice. Sorry for th' long post.....I forgot to introduce th' name of this bike as well: Zeus (god of gods) zangetsu.( long sword) My 70cc mtb is dubbed: shinobi sinner, i'll post some pics tonight. Again, thank you for reading my post. G'day!:cool:
  13. engine mount

    So what kind of engine mount did you use or did you have to make your own.:-|
  14. sunofjustice

    sunofjustice Guest

    I made the mounts from scratch. 22 gauge weldable steel sheets purchased from ace hardware. This metal is the thickest that can still be cut with metal shears and bent by hand. The engine mounts consist of: three main pieces ( two straps upper, one big brace lower), two aluminum bars (actual engine mounts), one small plate of 22 gauge to tie the bars together for strength, and two torque bars ( one front, one rear) to help prevent any lateral movement. If you look at th' photos close'll notice the bicycle rubber inner tubes, wrapped with electrical tape to cushion, AND give "grip" to th' mounts. the bottom big mount, I used an oval shaped container of deoderant to shape it to fit the frame of the spoiler. LOTS of trial and error to get th' perfect fit. Good work out though!:grin:
  15. hunter

    hunter Guest

    How fast dose it go?.
  16. reclaimer

    reclaimer Guest

    That is gorgeous.

    I'm very interested in speed aswell. The wheel size is disapointing, but in pa we have to go slow anyway. Very impressive looking bike. Could we get a close up of the engine and mounts?(pretty please)

    (edit oh I see em now they blend in well, nice)
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  17. ironwarlock

    ironwarlock Guest

    Nice job on the spoiler. Look at the way I set up the spoiler back wheel son. It lets you keep your back break.

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  18. Tank

    You should check out mbmike's rear fuel tank - or maybe even one of those heineken mini kegs. That would look *****in!
  19. sunofjustice

    sunofjustice Guest

    Took zeus zangetsu out for a ride today to verify what th' actual top speed is. Any previous data I had was dubious since th' speedo kept acting weird. It still had th' battery that came with it when I bought it ($10), plus, I kind of babyed the throttle some. With th' 98t sprocket, 6t pinion sprocket, 12mm carb, and just 40 miles on new engine ........ I got 34.5 mph on flat level ground! I should of rode th' bike for a good 20 minutes first but I really wanted to know what it could do as well. On th' way back, the bolt for th' front torque strap broke off so I limped it home. Pretty simple fix though. Good ride! Ironwarlock, th' rear brake I put on th' FRONT, so it has dual front discs which actually work. By the way, good job on your bike, how fast does your chopper go? Is that a 49cc w piston porting? Where did you get your motor brackets from? Did you do them yourself? They look pretty expensive.
  20. ironwarlock

    ironwarlock Guest

    The motor mounts are made by me.(I am a machinist). Mounts are a combo of polished aluminum and nickel plated steel. Motor is a Mitsubishi TLE43, 43 cc 2.20 hp two cycle engine. It will run 35 on the flats and climb hills good. ;). Powerful little motor. I weigh 235-240 pounds.
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