schwinn spoiler with 47cc pocketbike engine

Finally finished new bike!:D I really wanted to put a 110cc 4 stroke, 4 speed w a kickstart... but the engines weight alone freaked me out. Besides, I already had a pocket bike engine from a failed attempt at mounting it on a mountain bike with the wrong gearing (55t pocketbike sprocket) and wrong size tire (26 inch). Burned the clutch out in one day, and went slower than honey uphill in january.:rolleyes: Also, I wanted to do a spoiler no one else did, no drilling of the frame, dual FRONT disc brakes(that work!),PEDALS , hidden gas tank, and a hotrodded pocketbike engine that was'nt bone stock. I hate stock anything! This is my first real posting of pics I hope this works.


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a most excellent build! you should be proud...even at MBc, you're outside the box :cool:


Runs pretty good! Had some problems with starting though...this seems to be an inherent trait of pocketbike engines that most people DONT mention! These engines have HIGH compression and use 91 octane. The majority of the time I can start it after a few pulls, (when cold)....but the minority(40%) it will take maybe six to eight. I found out later one of the clutch springs was a little slack. Dragging the engine down.:eek: Odd,even though I installed the heavy duty springs before I rode it. Fun ride regardless...cant wait to reinstall the delorto 1414 replica carb, manifold combo! Here are some more pics cross your fingers.


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In the last attachment there should be a pic of the sprocket adaptor I made from a free lawnmower pulley I got from weigartz (local lawn equiptment dealer here in michigan) I should of took a photo of how the pulley looked after dremeling the **** out of it for two hours!!! (one very THICK pulley!) It took TEN heavy duty cut wheels to shape lots and lots and lots of filing and sanding. The sprocket is a 98t from daves discount motors. The exhaust, also from daves, was 40 bones. The following shows the revisions I had to make to the stock exhaust (gasket/port matching) as well as the chain tensioner and chain guide. (The chain worked good enough...... its just the way it swayed and undulated when under power concerned me.:eek:) Right now the drive train is perfect!:D


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Zomby Builder

Very Nice job

Looks great. You hid the tank so well I don't see it. Where is it? I had some troubles with a 43cc hard to start. The choke wasn't sealing properly So pull pull repeat. I didn't find the prob untill changed the intake.--Now starts right up. Looked a lot like your carb. Anyway it's great to see another pocket bike motor out there. Excellent work.