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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by carrot_top, Nov 4, 2008.

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    hey working on a schwinn stingray build, though still in the begining going to be using an 80cc motor kit bought from ebay...though due to the stingrays large tubes, im going to have to make a motor mount....after a quick search i found this thread: ...the video in it shows the mount he going to try to make one similar to that...although instead of bolting right through the frame i was thinking of using U bolts (going to try to avoid drilling in the frame as much as possible....for structual reasons)...

    although welding the two tubes to the mount may be somewhat difficult as i dont have access to a going to see if i cant find anyone who does.....

    besides that everythign else should be pretty strait forward with this may take a while though...

    heres a pic of the bike in its current condition (pretty much stock except the clutch lever and left grip have been put on..)

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  2. carrot_top

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    at this site i found ( livefastmotors), they have a engine mount kit for the OCC the looks of the pictures on the site, it looks like the motor used for the kit is similar to the HT 80cc that i have....

    does anyone know if this kit will be a direct bolt on with the HT 80cc motor?

    im still deciding wether i should build my own mount or buy this one....though im not looking forward to spending the money, im having trouble finiding the materials to build the mount, as well as the welding equipment....
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    Hi Carrot top,

    It's great to see another Schwinn Sting Ray..( i have a Sting-Ray also)

    Spending money sux MOST times, but other times its CASH well spent.

    If you want a tidy build- livefast may bee your answer..

    I saved up for a gasless mig welder whilst i was riding & building bikes- & i'll never look back- i love my MIG welder..

    All the best with your build CT .
  4. carrot_top

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    hmm...well considering this is my first build, and i dont have much experience with this kind of stuff....maybe ill just opt to buy the mount for now...
  5. carrot_top

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    well i finally gave in and bought the mount....should order the sproket tomorrow...and (hopfully) should have a chain purchased by tomorrow as i'll have the build back on track shortly....
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    Well good news, the motor mount came in today....besides having to re-drill one of the holes on the mount, everything fit just right....everythings mounted and besides finishing up some wiring as well as buying that longer chain and mounting the gas tank, it should be ready to will be up soon....

    just one question, in the manual, it refers to the two wires coming out of the throttle as the "shorter wire" and the "longer wire", no refrences to color....only problem is both wires are the same length, so i cant differentiate between wich one is grounded to the frame, and which one should be soldered to the white wire coming from the motor....

    can anyone help we out? wire is black, the other is yellow...
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  9. srdavo

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    these are the killswitch wires?

    it doesn't matter, cause they just ground the circuit to the frame.

    nice looking bike, btw.
  10. mikaleno

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    On my bike the Black & Blue go to the coil & and White goes to the Kill Switch......Anyways that the way it works on mine.

    I don't think your carb will work going sideways like that, float bowl to the bottom. You should have enough room, I have the same mount.

    I have a new Black OCC StingRay sitting in my corner just waiting for a build. Your black OCC looks soo cool.
  11. carrot_top

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    so i just solder one to the wite wire and ground the other to the frame?
  12. carrot_top

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    ok, carb turned the right way around..

    gas tank will probably have to be zip tied on....cant find anything i could use/make from what i have lying around, and drilling the frame isnt an option....

    as for the hits the bottom bracket....ill just have my friend bring over his blowtorch...just heat it up and bend the pipe a little until it doesent hit....
  13. eltatertoto

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    why is drilling not an opiton? i used molly bolts..
  14. carrot_top

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    just trying to avoid drilling as much as possible....but as far as i can tell, from the matarials i have on hand, zip tying seems to be the only option next to drilling....

    well....what options would i have if i bolted through the frame? And im not sure ill be able to both through the front part of the top tube due to the large metal flange...i dont have a dril bit that long....
  15. mikaleno

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    Everything I tried to hold the tank on the OCC failed at some point, (for me anyways). So I braised mounts on. I self-taped a bolt on the front and used a nut & bolt on the back.

    If worse comes to worse ship me the tank and I'll do it for you.

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  16. carrot_top

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    thats actually a pretty good idea.....too bad i dont have any of the tools to do something like that......maybe if i can find some long, thin strips of metal...i could wrap those around the frame like how the stock mount would work.....similar to that flimsy little mount that comes with the kit (im guessing its for the ignition box)....just bigger...

    i still have a while before i will get it running (still need different sprocket and chain...) so ill have some time to ponder over different ideas
  17. carrot_top

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    More progress.....had a friend come over today to do some soldering...and i also torched the exhaust and bent it so it clears the BB and cranks.....

    all thats left is the gas tank as far as modding goes....

    and i found a local place can carries the chain i need....and ill be ordering the sproket soon as ill probably have the bike running soon
  18. carrot_top

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    well its almost together now....everything is mounted....all i need to do is put in the fuel line, and get that chain and sproket and it'll be ready to go...

    i decided to do a temp mount with the tank anyway, just for the first few runs...once its broken in, ill make a more secure mount...

    heres some pics of the progress

    (the reason i took off the fender is because the chain would rub it....looks kinda better without it anyway.....ill probably put it back on i dont soak my backside if i run through some wet ground....

    (you can see the discoloration from where i took the torch to the exhaust)
  19. mikaleno

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    You can also loosen the screws holding the fender and push it over or bend it a little like I did.

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  20. carrot_top

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    i tried that...but the mount that the fender attaches to only allows for forward anf backward adjustment....not side to side