Schwinn Stingray Chopper - Finished

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by mxlews, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. mxlews

    mxlews Guest

    I finished up my bike this past weekend.

    Schwinn Stingray bike w/my black paint job and varnish.
    DAX 70cc Engine Kit
    Motor mount from barry0070_70_0 on eBay.
    Livefast Motors Sprocket Adapter (eBay also)
    44t Sprocket
    Modified seat to sit farther back.
    Bent exhaust w/MAPP gas.
    Schwinn Speedometer from Target.
    Chrome tank mounted with L-brackets.

    The bike rides pretty nice. I'm really surprised that the cheap chinese motor works so well. I bought a new Schwinn fork with brakes which should be arriving soon. It should greatly improve my stopping power. Seat mod is here..

    The seat isn't nearly as strong as it used to be, and the back part isn't stable if you sit too far back, but it works. My knees don't hit the handlebars anymore, so I'm happy. I have an exhaust pipe from Barry on eBay as well, but haven't installed it yet because it needs to be bent to line up properly, quality stuff that guy sells, psh. His motor mount worked great though. As you can see I cut down and reused the stock bar grips. The kit ones are toxic rubber, I believe. Ew.

    Yeah, I gotta take pics of the other side. Soon..

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  2. Nice! With a rear fender you can almost eliminate the seat post entirely and end up with a looow rider.
  3. atcspaul

    atcspaul Guest

    that is beutiful. what kind of speed you gettting. looking at a stringray at bike shop that is on close out to get. imagine with 20" rear tire not as fast as the 26" but not sure
  4. mxlews

    mxlews Guest

    Yeah, I gotta trim down the rear fender a bit so the chain doesn't rub. I have to fix the speedometer but the thing must be going 30+ flat out. Check your local craigslist before you go buy a new Stingray. I got mine for $20 in excellent condition.
  5. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    nice lookin 'ray
    good job !!! :D
  6. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest


    I love that frame - where did you get that diamond trim front gear from?

    I would, if I had the ability, get an old frame and use the fork I replaced from mine to make a new rear end for the frame - then maybe a centre mounted GEBE type engine :) cos I get the impression more reliable than the 70/80s

    congrats on getting the bike finished and happy riding :)

    Jemma xx
  7. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    Jemma, the front bike sprocket for the stingray comes like that
    there are a few different models of the 'ray, and sprockets seem to be one of the differences
  8. sunofjustice

    sunofjustice Guest

    Tight ride, mxlews! Your bike does look sweet. I still want to do one of those occ bikes too, but the stigma of not fitting kept me at bay. Also, thank you for an alternate supply source... God bless, and enjoy your new baby!
  9. mxlews

    mxlews Guest

    Thanks guys. I got a new seat...

    And my new fork arrived...

    This bike is AWESOME now. After taking it on a 7 mile ride my stuff was already hurting because of the dumb stock seat. This new seat seems MUCH better, and the price is unbeatable. Front brakes on the new fork work perfectly, enough stopping power for me.

    Pics tomorrow.
  10. azvinnie

    azvinnie Guest

    nice ride, the front brakes will definitely make a difference with stopping. l purchased the Thunder pipe from barry which is loud but people here me come'n when they can't see me. as far as the seat goes l used a bent back seat post with a classic seat. you can check it out here: bike/
    also, l installed a 36t sproket and the kick is alot stronger and faster...later
  11. mxlews

    mxlews Guest

    Thanks for the info. How did you mount the stock gas tank?
  12. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    flip the mounting brackets over
    self-drilling screw thru the center into frame
  13. mxlews

    mxlews Guest

    Awesome. Thank you.

    Dare I get a 32t or 34t sprocket for this thing, or should I stick with buying a 36t? Keep in mind it's a 20" wheel. Right now top speed is 25 or so, but the engine isn't broken in yet.
  14. StarfighterX

    StarfighterX Guest

    EDIT: looks like spam to me...NO billboarding!
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  15. mxlews

    mxlews Guest

    NICE! Post some pics if you can.
  16. fxsuperglide

    fxsuperglide Guest

    OOPs, sorry, I should have started a new thread for my own bike, and I was going to leave a comment, but got carried away with my own thoughts. His is a nice bike (looks nice with the flat black frame with the chromed parts). My apologies for getting off-track....