Schwinn Stingray Chopper - too small?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by capntang, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. capntang

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    As I said in my introductory post, I'm still tossing around ideas for bicycle options. I really like the idea of a motorized chopper bicycle, and the Schwinn Stingrays seem to be an inexpensive option in that category. My worry is that the bike itself might be too small for full-size riders, what with it being a 20" boys bike and all.

    I know people have built these before, and I did search and read through all the threads I could find. I just didn't see much information regarding the size of the bike and any limitations it might cause. Are full-size riders able to pedal or ride comfortably at all? Would a setback seat post and different handlebars make a significant difference in this regard?

    I'd love to go with a chopper-style bicycle, but not at the cost of usability. I can't quite afford the up-front cost of some of the other chopper options (the ones I'm aware of, anyway) at the moment, so if the Stingray is too limiting, I'll scrap the chopper plans for now and go with something else.

  2. enigma

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    The regular OCC stingray is small, have you heard of a Stingray XL? They are getting hard to find, they only brought around 2500 to the states, but the size is perfect. They are only available blue here, but I have seen other colors in Canada and europe. Check my posts, tyhe blue one with the 125cc is the XL version.
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    well i know this is probably outdated for this thread but anyone else wanting to know about size problems I am 6'1" lbs and i can pedal all day on my 20" occ stingray i bought it with 20" apes which you can buy any bars you want for it just go to your local bike shop or ebay and look for 3/4" bars any motorcycle or bikle bars will work you just might have to have the knurling modified to make it wider
  5. motorpsycho

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    I have no idea on the occ chopper, but i am using a 20" schwinn stingray frame, with a chrome springer front end (it's a lowrider front end). I'm using the 50 c.c. slant head 2 stroke on mine and the motor is a tight fit in the frame. But, it was pretty easy to get it in there. The bike is a blast to ride, and it has no problem pulling me around. But, i'm a little guy....5' 6" 155 lbs.
    i can get about 32 mph top speed out of it on flat ground.
    I do have some mods done to it (expansion chamber with a modified stock muffler and high flow k&n filter) which helps it make a little more power.
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  7. Porkchop

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    xyzbikes has some great deals going on right now. I was going to post a link to their their site but I see someone else has already done it. One thing to keep in mind, choppers don't handle at all like what you're probably used to. They are very tricky when turning. I have a new old stock OCC that I've decided not to fool with. Good luck and be careful ! OCC's do however make great looking bikes when done right !
  8. Porkchop

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    Now that's a good L@@King stingray !