schwinn stingray for sale

hey everyone i have a schwinn stingray for sale, i was gonna auction it on ebay but i thought i'd give you all first crack at it it's not brand new it's in really good shape(nothing to fix). so if it's cool with admin i'll auction it here before i go to ebay.
you're pretty new...heatware, ebay, or other feedback would be good to post if you have it.
i'm sorry i don't know what you mean new to the whole selling online thing aswell
sorry for the lack of pics but here's one, i have been informed it might not be a schwin but it says pacific coast choppers on it chopperbike.jpg this is a pic of one i found on the web(not mine)
wayde, it would be way better to post a pic of the actual merchandise you're offering...just some friendly advice.
this IS the one i have sorry had to take pics with phone


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ahhh, well, better than's always best if you can show something anyway.

good luck, i think there's some interest?