Schwinn Stingray Install



Hey guys, I'm new here. Need a bit of guidance with my first bike.

So I picked up this bike for $20 with the intention of putting a motor on it. I was planning on using this motor kit..

This motor mount..

And this exhaust..

Does that seem like it will work? I'm mostly worried about the quality of the motor kit. Also, how can I improve the brakes on the Stingray? Right now it only has the back handle brake which isn't good. Maybe it only needs new pads?

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hiya...2 things...

get your feedback on the actual parts here, that's perfect topic-placement.

but, after you've chosen your parts, take the tech/mech discussions to the appropriate forums, & try searching for some of those answers because i know there's been a bit of stingray talk. when you find an active/relevant stingray topic, post your questions as a "reply" to get the feedback you need.

also, an "introduce yourself" is a good thing for new members who might be here for more than just help.

having said that...sorry, i have no stingray experience at all, stay tuned.