Schwinn Stingray Trike Custom



Here it is, the Electric Version





The 2nd seat is for my daughter, she loves to ride this trike.
That's cool looking, where did you buy
the rear stingray wheels I have looked
locally and no one seems to know where to buy them. . . hooked me up, these are 20' 68 spoke hollow hub wheels, with kendal flame tires 3'wide. lots of money in this bad boy.
but worth it. thanks for looking jfleck.
Very cool! What made you go electric? I thought when you strated this project you were doing a frame mounted engine.
thanks for comments guys, the bike does handle nicely, it will top out at 20, downhill, and is very comfortable to ride. this was to be a gas trike but i had an engine go out on me, my stealth frame & motor mount craked, so i had to use the spare frame, long story, anyway, i decided after seeing jflecks bike to do the same thing. the trippy thing is, is how quiet the thing is when your flyin by people .........later guys
it sure is a beaut of a trike, you have a way with the stingray.

i'm very intrigued and can't wait for the day i can experience a silent 20mph, that has to be really neat 8)
I too have to compliment you on a neat setup.

I can see that it is good for electric and able to carry enough batteries for range.

I set up a couple electric bikes ( recumbent and a cruiser) that worked out pretty good. Battery weight and placement was a challenge for me, thats where it looks like the trike would do better. Right. quiet running is nice

While I was doing this I met a fellow that built up a sharp electric motorcycle. I wish I could remember the speed he reached in a very short distance, I do remember it was very fast.

Bill Snow
i need to find out if l can add more battery's and how to hook them up if l get them. l know it all has to do with the controller and how much it can handle.
l could only put in one bike for the "bike of the month" so i decided to go with the trike instead of my stealth chopper, O'well, thanks again for the comments guys.

If you want to increase your range you need to look
for batteries with the higher amp hour (ah) rating. most
people get the 7ah batteries with these kits. Blaze figured
out that you get about . . .
1.2 miles per ah
Just stick with the 12v batteries and find ones with higher
amp hours. You should also stick to the sealed lead acid.

As you get higher amp hours the batteries get bigger and more
expensive. I found 30 amp hour batteries but they were $94
each. they also had 50ah and 100ah but I didn't ask they price.

Hope this helps,