schwinn sx 60

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by kawasaki999, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. kawasaki999

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    my newest bike # 2 sx 60 with gp 460 50 + mph! Very comfortable bike to ride with good brakes compaired to the cannondale.

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  2. 50+ mph? that sounds crazy! have you measured your top speed?
  3. sparky

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    have you measured the sound decibels?? those things are LOUD!
  4. kawasaki999

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    sx 60

    51.1 mph with the gp 460 backed the run with my gps, both speedo and gps read the same. the tanaka 47r will do 46.9 both have x can mufflers with internal baffles, elbows and silicone tubes, that reduced the noise, but still a little on the loud side. No db reading but sounds like aroud 90 db, I fly rc planes and they do a db reading before they let us fly so I have a couple of plane in the 90 db range and the bike is about the same. X can with no baffles no elbows, no silicone tubes is extreemly loud.
  5. g1manalo

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    How long does you belt last. I tried looking at your post about it, cant find any. what gear do you use on it.
  6. kawasaki999

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    I am running a 15 tooth on my gp 460 also, I am pushing 6.0 hp. I have 1500 miles on my belt, but I always peddle 7,8 mph before I start engaging the motor, and I ease in to the gas, and the few times I went for top end 56.3 mph I did not give it full throtle untill I was over 30 mph. I baby it!

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  7. g1manalo

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    Do you mean that you have 1500 onthis belt?

    How about you previous belt?

    My 1st belt only lasted about 1500 miles with a gx 35. Now with the tana 40 i alway look make sure that its centern on the gear. 1000 miles so far. I like the tan way more tha the gx.
  8. kawasaki999

    kawasaki999 Member

    Still on my first belt.
  9. richardk

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    What kind of motor are you running and where can I get one? What is the cost, thanks I'm new to the sport, building my first now,which is a 2 cycle.
  10. kawasaki999

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    gp 460, got it at some mods will have 2 b done like much lighter clutch springs and a different muffle. I think a Tanaka 40 would be a better choise!
  11. occchopperfl

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    Hi Kawasaki!

    Long time no post - you dont call, you dont write? :)

    How is your chopper build coming along with manic mechanic? I gotta believe its done/ near done. Plz post updated pics.

  12. kawasaki999

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    occ . Sorry the build is going slow, the rear motor mount and bearing carrier is on it, still have pipes to make and belt pulleys. Jim is doing kits for 7 spoilers so when a part is made he does 7 parts at once, saves him a lot of time. Will post pics as we get farther along.