Schwinn with Go fast boy kit

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    Finally got my schwinn finished. Afew slow downs along the way. The motor did not fit between the front and seat post well so I attached to front tube and made a mount for the rear. After I had it mounted I found my chain was about 6 inches too short so off to TSC for a 10 ft chain. I had found some slightly used wheels and put new tires on it. The handle bars are Longhorns with a springer. I had to cut the seat tube off because of the rust and just could not get it out. Cut it off and made brackets for front and under springs in the back. Handles a little shacky but fun to ride. During start up it fired right up and only minor carb tuning had it idleing fine. Makes a bit of gear and chain noise but I guess that is normal from what I hear. Was a fun build and kit from boy go fast is acceptable. Next one will probable be a honda 50cc with belt drive or mabey a electric hub drive.
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  2. Nice bike! Sorry for that image tag thing. We have people here on dial up.

    I fixed it for you. 1-1.jpg

    Here's a tutorial how this is done:

    I like how you did your seat. Does the springing work? How is it mounted on in back?
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    After having to cut the seat post off I tood a piece of 1"' angle iron and shaped it some and welded it to the 2 tubes going down to the rear tire. I tood the base of the seat off the bottome of the seat and drilled 2 holes in the angle iron and compressed the springs and nutted them on the bottom of the angle iron then made a u-mount and boleted to the bottom of the seat in front and welded a 1/4" piece of chrome moly tube to the top tube and bolted thru it for the front mount. I did not want to do it that way but when I had to cut off the seat post the only other option was look for another frame. This bike was a freeby and was in real sad shape.
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    wow! that looks killer. good color scheme w/clean, clear lines. nice work.
    what model of schwinn is that?
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    Thanks, it is a later 60's speedster I think. While sanding down the rust on the chain guard I almost could make out "Speedster" I think! like I say it was a real rust bucket.
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    I appreciate and respect anything old, lived its life serving, soon to be laid to rest.
    I appreciate and respect someone who has a vision. A vision of taking something old and giving it another life of service. Thanks for your vision. Great job :cool:
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    haha...i just noticed the head is turned sideways
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    Thanks for bringing that to my attention, It might not cool as well on that way. I must have put it on wrong after cleaning out that area!
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    I added a better picture of the seat area.

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    That's pretty creative what you did with the seat. I like it and I love that frame.
    My past experiences with stuck seat posts was to put some oil in between the tubes and let it soak(that takes a while) use a cutting torch to heat up the tube then use a pipe wrench with a cheater pipe and spin it. Not everyone has a cutting torch and I think your setup is totally cool. Good work and have fun!
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    I tried all that except with a hot torch I use for plumbing and when I put the cheater on it I twisted it bad so off it all came.