Scooter/bike hybrid motorized bicycle

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  1. This is my Scooter/bike hybrid motorized bicycle.

    She's running great, I did a few mods to get it running better, including a
    1.25 steel drive roller I made, and a taller throttle, because the old lower one
    got in the way when I braked.
    As well, the 2 turnbuckles are great to really fine tune the pressure on the tire.

    Forgive the sloppy camera work,
    as it's hard to hold the camera while adjusting the throttle.
    I need to get a helmet cam mount.

    The 40cc motor I modded makes it have a good amount of low end
    even with a 1.25 spindle. 1.25 is a good size for SF's hills.
    I can even accelerate up the hills! Hooray!
    I could go to a bigger spindle, but the low would be worse,
    and living in SF, I'll take the lower gearing....

    Ride #2
    Ride #3
    Ride #4

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    Good work CBR. It looks like you can climb the hills and move pretty fast. Cool.
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