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    Your link was apparently tied to your account number (I couldn't see the page)

    Is the part this: (image below.)

    If so, then, yes - several members have done this. Take a look at the CVT FAQ for a general discussion, and at several of the CVT threads, including the CVT's and Comet Drivelines, and CVT for Smaller 4 Stroke threads.

    The key point to remember is that you will need to be sure that you don't gear the bike 'too tall' (too low a reduction ratio.) This means that you may need to have a secondary jackshaft after the CVT. If you do, the CVT will never get out of the variable reduction mode, which will cause excessive belt wear, and you lose much of the advantage a CVT can bring.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that a CVT isn't a 'magic bullet' - it can increase acceleration, and can help your bike to climb hills, but, it adds some power loss between the engine and rear wheel, which in turn reduces the top end speed that you could otherwise have, by a few mph.

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  3. Ok, thanks. I've recently done alot of mods, and this might be a later project down the road. Thanks from the info, it will come in handy. :)