Scooter Engine Retrofit?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by grouchyolfart, May 29, 2008.

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    Anyone do it? If so, is there a link to the thread?

    Reason I ask is that I now commute to work on a 49cc 2 stroke Geely I bought for $50. Previous owner and several repair shops couldn't get it running. Turned out to be a broken mounting tab for the sparkplug coil. No ground. Got it running and it hasn't given me any problems for the past 2 years, now.

    Anyway I found this forum, joined, started reading and got to thinking.... :shock:......I got the engine and wiring already. What do I need to retrofit to a bike frame? On a way lighter platform (scooter itself weights around 250 lbs.), I could get a faster hill climbing speed as well as better gas mileage without having to "tweak" the engine. Plus, I could build a way cooler looking ride. I'd take my time while I use my other scooter for work. ;)

    Btw, the engine that's in this scoot is not one of the more popular scooter engines, but it is vertical with the intake in the front and exhaust at the rear. The more popular scooter engine is the Minarelli type that's horizontal with the carb on top and exhaust at the bottom. Harder to fit in a bike frame anyway. ;)

    Any help appreciated. Mahalo...........:)

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    It would be alot of fab work to make it work,the frame would have to be cut, and welded to make the scoot engine fit, so basically it would just be a scooter,bike thing, not a bike anymore, i think you would be better off getting one of the true 70cc happytime engines like a ch80 kit, i bet the true 70 kit makes more power then the geely engine.
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    Okay, so the scooter engine is basically too big for any bike frame. I'm not a welder and probably wouldn't want to pay for one, so I'm probably better off selling the scooter and buying 2 of those kits. :shock::grin:

    Well, the wife did say I had to get rid of one of the scooters. Since the Geely 2 stroke is stinky, I'll get rid of it even if it is more peppy than the 4 stroke. :D Besides, there's way more I can do with the 4 stroke engine. :evil:

    Mahalo, Hybrid......