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  1. Well I got mine done today except for some high temp paint. 49cc scooter muffler from Ebay, some 3/4 copper tubing, shelf bracket, bending and shaping and here it is. I am going to have to pack the silencer cause it is LOUD, and I don't want to attract attention. My silencer is removable, so shouldnt be a problem, just have to get some fiberglass. It does sound great though. Total cost about 25.00 including the copper pipe and fittings. Here are a few pics before paint.

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  2. Looks nice!
    I hear you can use steel wool. May be easier to obtain maybe.
    Any performance gains?
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    Nice lookin'!!!

    Large, did you say you can quiet a muffler down by placing some steel wool inside it...?

  4. Steel wool I have plenty of thanks LF. I was gonna go around tomorrow to the new construction sites for houses, and was hoping to find some batt insulation they are throwing away. Now I think ill use the steel wool and ride my MB looking for insulation....:grin: It was too late and too loud to take it out after the installation, so Ill let ya know tomorrow on performance....
  5. Well went out today for about 20 miles. Great low end torque thru to about 15mph then sputters a bit then at 18mph takes off again thru to about 23 which was my top end with stock pipe. I am running a 50t rear so always had good torque, but this improved on that dramatically. At 23 it starts to sputter, and i have opened intake and exhaust ports, so I think I will try the next size up in jetting and adjust the needle, or install the scooter carby I bought... But all in all well worth the money........
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    I'm running a pocket bike exhaust too and the low end torque definetely is increased, only a little bit of top speed though. On your exhaust install your pipe is now tuned up for more low end torque, the longer the header pipe (before the bulge) the more low end, and the shorter the more high end torque. Sorry if you already knew that, just to help out some of the other guys. I experimented a bit with mine and found this is only true to a certain extent.

    You should give that scooter carby a go! It will probably have adjustable mixture on it too. Might have some problems mounting to the intake manifold, however on the newer skyhawk happy times the carb is mounted directly to the port, no intake manifold at all. Would need to machine an adaptor plate though I guess. I've got a walbro carb lying around that would probably compliment the pipe quite nicely. I like the way you have mounted the pipe though, very stealthy!

  7. I knew the header was going to be long, so the copper I used is slightly larger than the pipe, I think that helped a little. I just realized that the scooter carb is for a four stroke. I'm not sure it will work. Alot of mods to fit it in including sticking it out sideways. I have been messing with the needle and jetting a little bit, but dont want to do much as the plug is the perfect color of brownish tan after my 20 mile ride, so I know I am close. I would just like to get rid of the sputter mid throttle and I think that is in the taper of the needle...Thanks for the compliment Fastboy
  8. Paint and final installation... Time to ride it now!!!!!!!!!

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