Scooter ride in San Luis Obispo, CA March 23, 24, 25



yeah tom i saw that on craigs list but it doesnt say were to meet and all just says when it is sounds like a vespa deal.


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Aug 4, 2006
I saw these guys cruise by today. It was crazy, so many scooters. They were going about 45 or so, I would have never been able to keep up with them


yeah tom i was working satuday and they took off down higura st. and were hauling as# but i did manage to stop for a bit to look at the scooters some were really cool about 50 or so of them really neat stuff then i read were they were going to have a run on sunday also so i rode up to san lluis to gussepiis pizza place and they were all lined up on montery st cool looking but they were all about to leave for the ride as i got there they took off and turned on santa rosa so they were heading ou to morro bay i would have never keep up but it was fun to talk to some of them about there scooters vespa oldskool looks really cool better than the newer ones but had fun came back threw shell beach an pismo fun run for me as well larry ca
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