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    today outside of class i saw a stranger- a gas powered scooter! i was like crap cause i hadn't seen one other than mine in at least 2 years... i felt excited to see one.

    here's a little history on them:
    -i'm 21 and these were really popular when i was about 12 years old. so around 2003-2004 there was a big surge of them. goped is the original manufacturer in the US and other brands came a long such as BladeZ which is my fav. But with the US and Taiwan made models came a flood of junk china brands and people were getting hurt. the junk chinese models gave the all of them a bad image. right by my house, this giant indian bazaar sold hundreds of them. and they were crap, no warranty, but it was fun to play with them. around 2007, bladez went out of business. i've heard they had problems in court (lied about income) and they were losing money cause ppl would buy them, abuse the crap out of them, send them back, and bladez would replace them. then they made (sold, rather) a bunch of china ones which sucked and i'm not sure what happened after then. they were heavy, but super sturdy and well made

    now the only decent ones to buy are gopeds. i wasn't particularly impressed with them, but they're pretty popular... and backordered lol

    anyone else into scooters?

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    I saw a lot of them when I lived in AZ 6 or 7 years ago. It was legal to ride them in the bike lanes. I would draft behind them when I was riding my pedal bicycle. Many of the AZ cities issued new ordnances limiting the use of gas gopeds and I began to see fewer of them.
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    interesting. they're really neat to ride. they are a niche too like motored bikes

    I'm sorry they're not more popular because scooters are so portable, efficient and fun to ride
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    dont know what makes you think all the scooters are junk? you realize those goofy gopeds have a asian engine dont you? they're not bikes either ..they,re push scooters with an engine .
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    I was considering an electric standup scooter when I used to ride the train to work in downtown Houston. Bikes were not allowed on the train during peak hours, but you could board with a folding scooter. Its also much easier to ride a kick scooter than a bike on the busy sidewalks.
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    gonna tune up my goped today! i hope it works, i haven't rode it in months

    i agree about riding the scooter vs the bike on sidewalks. motorized bikes aren't the easiest things to control in the world lol

    here's an awesome video (not me)
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