Scooter Windshield On My Motorized bike!

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    I bought a generic/universal windshield/windscreen on ebay two years ago. It was something like this one:

    It sat on my shelf since then, until today. I FINALLY figured out a way to mount the windscreen firmly and cheaply with available brackets, with no custom welding or parts fabricated. It was easy, and the windshield was mounted in a couple hours.

    The windshield is 14" tall, 17.5" @ its wide bottom and 11.5" @ its topmost width.

    I'll ride to work tomorrow with my new windscreen. While seated on the bike, I can hunch down a little, and my body will be protected. Only part of my motorcycle helmet will be exposed to aerodynamic drag.

    Pics to follow soon, and the big test is my commute tomorrow.
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    The secret? I used two common aluminum brake levers, one on each side of the handlebar. A hacksaw was used to cut the brake lever mounting bosses from the part that clamps onto the bar. Replacing the short M8 bolts with 30mm studs secured the windscreen solidly. The clamps allow the screen to be adjusted up to over 200*.

    Everything that was on the handlebar before the windscreen installation was reinstalled. The only exception is that the right-side handlebar grip is 2" shorter.
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    Pictures of an easy windshield installation: 1-RIGHT-FRONT VIEW.jpg

    2-FRONT VIEW.jpg

    3-REAR VIEW.jpg

    4-RIDER'S VIEW.jpg



    7-LOW-FRONT VIEW.jpg

    8-RIGHT CLAMP.jpg

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    Wow, that's a big screen!:likelots:

    Is it braced, top to bottom?
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    Nice post...Thanks for sharing.
    Sure like to see more MB's w/fairings (powered velomobiles?).
    Check out this old pic of a Hannebrink high gas mileage vehicle.

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    Thanks for responding, low racer.:likelots:

    I'd like to have fairings like that. That one and maybe a totally enclosed bike-mobile.
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    Have you noticed a difference in speed at all?
    I know when I go from sit up position to getting low & aero, I pick up alot of rpm's quickly (tach on bike).
    I'd really like to get a bubble shape out in front of me to get in & get the most out of my small powerplant.
    I went & ordered some new parts today to convert my rear friction bike into a chain drive bike (either going one ratio, or if the rear suspension cooperates, homemade shift kit)...
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    Certainly useful to cower behind if you run into weather. I don't know where you'd get the little handlebar race fairing from here, never mind America, perhaps you can chop a minimoto full fairnig down to suit?