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    one of the guys that work for me just came in and said his stepdad wants to sell a 1975 Honda CB125S ( enduro type ) that was last registered and riden in '07. 65mph topend, 100mpg.

    5,000 one owner miles, perfect, never down, no signs of abuse.

    says the owner might try to hold out for $500. but will likely take what ever i hand him.

    just got back from looking it over and making an appointment to come get it.

    i'm going to set this thing up and keep it for my winter ride to work.


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    good find!
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    not yet, but there are lots online, just google it. 1975 they were candy blue only, chrome fenders, gauge bodies, shock covers etc.

    this one has a big Honda rear carry rack on it AND a nice size windsheild.

    i'll have pics of it soon
  5. semi-fun bikes but not interstate safe & not really major hi-way safe. I had some 160 & 175 twins growing up not sure what I have left maybe an engine or frame? but there used to be alot of performance stuff available there was even a 200cc back then

    the 65mph top speed is a long time getting there, I have seen these used on interstate & almost saw a guy go down a couple years ago on interstate 81 riding a 175 twin as everyone was passing him & he was hogging the left side of his lane & a couple people came up on him fast & almost hit him.

    for basic transportation they are great & even traveling by non major roads you should have a blast.

    I dont mean to come off bad I just was around some when I was growing up & was very unhappy with them based on weight & performance level. I left them & got into the Honda 350's & 360's which were close enough in weight & made alot more power & were safe on interstate travel.

    I disassembled both of my 160 & 175 twins & sold parts so unsure what still exists, & what ever still exists will be either in parents basement or one of the sheds.

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    Hi Randy,

    this is just going to be expected to serve extreem utility duty.

    i've been around MC's for awhile too and have no illusions or delusions of what level of service this will serve.

    in other threads here i have spoken of my 40 mile round trip commutes to work. i leave the house, do 8 blocks in a VERY small rural Indiana town, turn onto completely deserted 2 lane county roads and ride about 45mph for 13 mls. till i get to the city limits of the town i work in then another about 8 blocks of wide city streets to work.

    i will never need or expect this thing to do 65mph and certainly never take it on a even a 2 lane Indiana highway. i have a motorized bike for that kind of work !! LOL

    interesting screen name by the way. after a junior pro career in speedway and MX my first ful size street bike was a '73 1200FX SuperGlide.
  7. thanks well my first Harley was a 1978 1/2 electraglide "king of the road" when I was 17 while still riding several mopeds & a Honda elite scooter as well as a 360 Honda

    I have had an assortment of bikes through the years but Harleys have given me the best service on Motorcycles & for Mopeds PUCH gave me the best service with SACHS a close second.

    the screen name is one of 2 I use & describes me but unfortunately I sold my Knucklehead a few years ago but at 1 time I had a knuckle a pan & a shovel I still have the blown 73 superglide & a 61 pan that needs completing as well as an old 1942 flathead I built from the ground up over a 7 year period & couldnt get myself to crank. all it needs is for me to put acid in battery, oil in tank, & gas in tank, so it is sitting in a friends garage pretty much completed ready to add oil, gas, acid & crank & dial in & go riding. it was done years ago it was finished 14 or so years ago, completely old school chopper with a 7 foot tall sissy bar with a hand made peace symbol on top of sissy bar. if you remember any chopper magazines from the 1970's?

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    WOW !!! Great Deal my neighbor just bought a Honda 70 ( mini trail ) the one with the folding handle bars. He paid $ 800.00 and it needed the carb rebuilt ( mostly cleaned) and the brake cable replaced. But that sucker still had good compression and ran like the wind !!!! The old Hondas were almost bullit prof.
    You can still get Honda Parts for them too ...
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    Hey I was watching wheel of fourtane and one of the prizes was a new VESPA the price was $ 5000.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can't you buy a KIA for that new !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hey man don't rip on the KIA. They may be cheap and barebones BUT they're **** easy to work on and have a minimum amount of unnecessary electronic and engineering foolery. My '99 KIA has only half of the OBD2 sensors that "nicer" cars have. Less problems since theres less that can go wrong. ****, I can even change a headlight in a minute or two on it.

    oh yeah, and nice bike. It'll definitely get you where you want, power aint everything.
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    I wasn't

    Busting on KIA
    I was busting on VESPA...
    Would you pay 5 Large for one of those girly girl things !!!!
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    Beats paying 6 grand for a Sewgay.