Scored a schwinn OCC today

you will need a special motor mount to offset the engine so you can clear rear tire
you will probably need a sprocket adapter for same reason
me and azvinnie have built a few of these and the mount on e-bay from a guy named Barry
works better than the one from livefast, but livefast is the only place to get the sprocket adapter

hope that helps
Yeah I've been looking at those parts.That sprocket adapter is the most tempting to me.
Just not sure if I want to take the easy way out just yet.

I came home from a very depressing family crissis to find a door notice hanging on the house doorknob from fedex for a package that needs to be signed for.
Is this how DAX ships his packages?
The sprocket adapter he sells looks nice, but I thought it was a bit expensive. So, I went to the hardware store and bought a large washer. I opened up the I.D. to slip fit over the hub, then drilled a set of 6 holes thru the sprocket/washer/spoke hub and bolded it up with some #8 screws. Total cost was about $3 for the big washer and the 6-#8 screws/washer/locknuts. Works perfectly, only requirement is access to a lathe (or a lot of work with a file) to open up the I.D. of the washer. I don't remember the O.D. of the washer, but it fit inside the spoke circle and kept the sprocket from hitting the spokes when everything was tightened down. Anyway, it's a option if you're a "do-it-yourselfer".
not everyone has access to a lathe, or have the time to file it down. don't be a cheap ba**ard, these parts were made for a specific reason. you might just want to do the right thing and purchase the correct mounts, engine and sproket. its like buying a hummer h2 and running spare tires on it, just ain't right.
Mounting the engine will be easy enough for me to do and the nice long exhaust is nice but more for looks IMO.
The rear drive hub-adapter is critical IMO so I may buy that but most likely I'll try my hand at fabbing something up for the hub first.

OH the package was the engine, it came today.
The driver ran a package across the street so as he was walking up to his truck I said "oh I thought you had my package" he told me "I got one for you to" then went on a little about how he was here yesterday and no one was around blah blah blah.
I interrupted him and told him we were up watching my sister-in-law die BIG BUMMER day for us and today isnt much better.That kind of mellowed him right out.

So yeah I'm glad my engine is here but we are just depressed around here right now.It's amazing just how much I can get done when I want to stay busy and keep my mind off certain things.