Scrapping noise

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by bmoody, Oct 23, 2009.

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    Your video not so good .
    Did you ever grease the four places a clutch has to be greased.
    1 the pea sized blob between the large and small gear.
    2 the 57 small bearings behind the clutch disk.
    3 the main spring.
    Remove the clutch sheath stop under the carb. Bolt and all . Using a grease gun fill the chamber .Reinstall the clutch sheath end.
    4 the ball and pin where the sprocket is.
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    Ive greased between the small and large gear.

    Ive never had the clutch off so I did not grease that needle bearing you speak of.

    ive greased the ball and pin.

    where is this clutch sheath you speak of?

    I know its poor quality. Its from my iPhone. I dont own a camcorder.
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    Nevermind I think I see what your talking about. Where the clutch cable goes through.
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    The noise I think I am hearing is the 57 ball bearings in your clutch. They should be lubed but are difficult to get at properly and if you over lube them you can get lube on your clutch pads and that is not good.