Screw from the muffler broke off,leaky carb,gasket,tire

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Bertsimon, May 9, 2007.

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  1. Bertsimon

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    Hi I am new to this stuff I ve had my bike put together now for over a month. I thought I would try the baffel removal I did I removed the screw and broke it off. I then took out the baffel and cut it. But I now Have that hole were the screw was. I have noticed that I may have lost some power from doing this. It sounds like a tin can going down the road also. I am pretty sure my bike is all wornen in also. I took it on a 15 miles journey one day one way. It got really hot and shut down on me once there. I let it cool down then started right back up. When I got to the place I was riding to it was really hott. So then when I was there I removed the baffel and the ride home was a little quicker. I didnt ride it for awhile after that maybe like a few days. I now have noticed a loss of power. Can anybody help me out with this. Did I burn out the motor already. I have been mixing my gas at 25.1 should i go with more gas less oil. I have burned about 4 tanks worth of gas threw it already. Another thing is how do i stop the gas leaking out of the carb. Such a cheesy clamp holding that thing on it leaks. I have tighten that thing all the time. Also were do I get a gasket for the right side of the motor were there are five screws cause that fell apart has i went to grease it. How do I get my back tire to not wobble also? I know that is a lot right off the bat but if anyone has any ideas for me that would be great. Thanks My bike is the exact one Dac has for a photo on ebay the shorewood cruiser. That is also were I got the motor from.

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    O.K. once you remove the baffle, the engine will run leaner, so since it was kinda hot before, now it will run real hot. Move your clip on your needle DOWN at least one position. 2nd from the bottom will probably be a start.

    Go to a mix of 40/1 and use synthetic oil.

    Use loctite on the clamp screw.

    The rear wheel is more than likely wobbly from the spokes being loose. You can true up your wheel with the spokes if you know how....too much to explain here. Go to a bike shop, or look up a ggole search for "wheel trueing".

    Give OPTIMIZE FOR YOUR APPLICATION a quick read through, it's a "sticky" in General discussions.
  3. Bertsimon

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    Thanks for the info. I have that hole were the screw was should I put something in there to replace that screw that screw snapped right off so now there is just the hole there. Have any ideas what would work to plug the hole or is it ok to just leave and have 2 holes in end of the exhaust?
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    If the end will stay on, leave it.
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    Well I fixed everything now. It now runs much better. Thanks for your help.
  6. Bertsimon

    Bertsimon Guest

    everything now seems to be worse i think i may have blowen a ring or something.