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    A friend gave me the Oasis, and I paid $9.89 for the Huffy Timberwolf at a thrift store. Another friend welded the Oasis from a girls bike to a boys bike. One of these will be my next build.

    The Oasis was not ridden, but was neglected. The Timberwolf is actually not very rusty, but is mostly filthy, and will clean up nicely. Unlike the Oaisis with rust and frozen chain and cables, everything works on the Timberwolf. (When I bought the Timberwolf yesterday, there was one other bike there and they wanted 34 dollars for. It was cleaner, but was a beater much worse than the Timberwolf. Evidently, those pricing bikes at the thrift shop can't see through dirt.

    Notice that the Oasis, being a girls bike, sits lower because the seat to crank is only about 17 or 18 inches. The Timberwolf is tall at about 22 inches. The timberwolf is American made and seems to have a stronger frame, but I'm not sure. The Oasis is from China. Yet, the Oasis has steel rims, rusty, and a slightly larger diameter front axle. The Timberwolf looks like it has alloy rims, no rust. The brakes appear better on the Timberwolf. The Oasis has heavier mountain style tread tires. The Oasis has twist shifters, and the Timberwolf has levers. Levers are probably better for a build in that they won't interfere with the engine controls.

    If I use the Oasis frame, then I'll repaint it. The dirty frame on the Timberwolf has good paint and will clean up.

    I see possibilities here. What do you see, possibilities or a one-waytrip to the dumpster with these bikes?

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    upshifter looks like the Timberwolf is a winner I checked around online looks like it is mad by Bianchi those are supposed to be killer bikes. D*** near bullet proof. Would make fore a cool motoredbike. Good find Looks to be in decent shape as well might make a good winter project