SCSW Morini for Kayak ! trade

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by robin bird, May 25, 2010.

  1. robin bird

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    Ive invested $3000 in my SCSW bike with the 5.8 Morini engine -- new Marzocchi front forks--upgraded 36 spoke heavy duty rim --new heavy duty hub-old one burnt out in 600 miles--will trade for a 1500 - $1800 Ocean going kayak--reason--it scares me too much im 63 and have the beginning of Parkinsons disease.Has 600 miles on it.

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  2. Turtle Tedd

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    You built that its time to build your own Kayak..Check out Chesapeake lightcraft kits..there are some others also available
  3. nidyanazo

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    I thought you wanted to add the 9.4hp morini... Read that in one of your earlier posts while searching for morini info...

    How has the engine treated you? Reason I ask is I just purchased the S6-S 9.4hp morini and am in the process of mounting it.

    Has yours been reliable?
    Any gripes?