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May 9, 2008
Mesa, AZ
Anyone using it in their HT engine?

I bought a couple bottles for use in my car (I drive 150-200 miles a day for work and every bit of mileage gain is worth it). Reading the bottle, it says to use 1 oz per 1 gallon for use in small 2 stroke engines so figured I'd give it a go in my motored bike as well. I'm running about 25:1 oil/gas mix and added the 1 oz of Seafoam to that.

I added some and noticed that the bike is running quite a bit smoother now and is a bit quieter as well.

Anyone else tried this? If I don't have to tear the engine down as often to clean carbon deposits, that's gotta be a good thing.
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I swear by it. I used it im my rx-7 with a wankel rotary engine in it and every other car i've owned or worked on and it does wonders. The wankel has a oil injection system to lubricate the seals and it cleared them up and resulted in a noticeable increase in power. I would only use it as maintenance on the motorbikes though as it does rid of carbon. Put in a 50-50 mix of seafoam and gas with about 1/8 gallon, but dont use it on every tank or it will hinder the lubrication of the engine. Be advised that it will cause a good amount of smoke from the exhaust, but that is normal.
I've used Sea Foam before for helping clean carbon deposits, and it seemed to be very effective. I would be a little hesitant to use it in the fuel for a two stroke engine because it contains powerful solvents, and while the solvents are effective at cleaning gum and carbon deposits, they will be a detriment to lubrication and engine life when used constantly. This is just my opinion, YMMV. :)
I use it in my outboard for my fishing boat and in my MB. I've heard good things and believe in it, but I think the last poster had a good point about the solvents (I may only use it every 3rd tank or so now).
This is what they claim.

Assures fast starts
Smooths rough idle
Restores power
Cleans fuel injectors
Cleans carburetor jets
Cleans carbon
Stabilizes fuels
Upper cylinder lube
Removes moisture in fuel
Frees sticky lifters
Frees sticky rings
Removes moisture in oil
Cleans P.C.V. systems
Cleans catalytic converter odors
Oxygen sensor safe

I love this stuff but I wouldn't run it full dose 24/7 for reasons arceeguy stated.
I use it in small doses year round in everything. (preventative maintenence for poor fuel quality) My fuel always has a trace in it. About twice a year I'll give it a full dose.
woo -- more questions and talk regarding Sea Foam
much has been said around here about ((the Sea Foam Thing Stuff))
search engine should bring up plenty
never have tried it
but -- all of this talk makes me want to buy some !!!!
next time Iam at the auto parts store -- I will grab some -- what the heck !!!!

main thing -- ride the motor bike thing
Great for occasional use in 4 stroke engines. A waste of money in 2 stroke HT engines.

I wouldn't risk using it in a Wankel engine unless I knew it was safe for the side seals and the solvent would reduce the efficacy of the injected oil for the apex seal lubrication.
the day came -- tried Sea Foam

next time Iam at the auto parts store -- I will grab some -- what the heck !!!!

yes -- the little Robin was having a slight lose of power
cleaned everyTHING except the screen in carb -- was told there was one in there
the Sea Foam did make a difference
running much better
will be also trying some in my Jeep etc

How much and how'd you apply it MM? Get a lot of smoke?

I've noticed these Robins do tend to carbon, pull the plug and shine a light and you see the piston crown coated. I think it's the crankcase return for the CARBII cert.
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