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Discussion in 'Forum Help & Suggestions' started by japat100, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. japat100

    japat100 Guest

    not sure what one can do about new members posting every day question ,,,but it not going to get better ,and really not all there fault ,,, i see a new posting for fuel in the last couple days ,,, ,and they are told to do a search ,

    ,try search it ,,fuel ,,fuel mix, what fuel ,,and you get back over 400 threads so in other words it would take him a week of reading to find out what type fuel , high test or regular

    what may help is a alphabet search ,,copy and paste , so if i want to search for fuel ,,you hit F and find ,,fuel and then under fuel there would be ""sub topic in brackets "" ,this way here he would find his answer fast and not have to make a new posting

    for this to work great ,, members making a new post should be required to have a sub title from the alphabet,, they would click on alphabet find his subject ,and pick the best suited sub title that includes " bracket "" ,copy and paste it in the title of his new thread ,,then add his own title after the sub title , so now ever new post would have a sub title picked from the alphabet with brackets ,the search engine then would only recognized sub titles in brackets ,this would avoid 400 threads ,, as i understand it now if you were to use the word fuel in any post the engine would find it that why it returns over 400 thread

    so now when a member goes to do a alphabet search he would find the best sub topic ,copy and paste it into search "" bang"" he got his answer ,, no new thread
    and the reason why he got his answer fast because the member that made the posting picked the best sub title from the alphabet ,, this is not easy to explain ,but to high tec that knows software this would be very simple ,,

    with over 600 members the party did not start yet ,and if a person going to invite 2,000 plus you want to make sure everything is in place long before the crowd arrives

    and the name of the game is to have the best mb forum in the world


  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    i sure appreciate your enthusiasm, and hopefully it's contagious...but it's not like we haven't been trying to reach a middle ground that works for you're also somewhat new, maybe you aren't aware that this isn't a "new" problem, but one we've been trying to solve since we topped 50 members. it had become clear by then that this place was gonna be a huge mess without member-cooperation.

    good luck getting new peeps to follow even more guidelines...i know it's a "normal" syndrome with the new member, but to back off on firm policy will only make matters much worse...the "happy-time" manual would be re-written weekly & all the good posts would never see the light of day. speakin' of the "manual"...ever notice how many times we get carby or clutch questions that are already definitively answered in there? a post like that tells me the new member has some learning to do...about forums and searching in general.

    now, if the older & forum-experienced members would answer the repeat question with a link to the answer, things would be a lot easier...but that wasn't working either....people merely "activated" the new topic with a new answer. so we started shutting them down, we really have no choice until everyone starts working together.

    proper use of terms in the subject line is also a great suggestion, & one we've made many many times...the info would be more easily searchable if instead of "fuel type" the subject was "how to use pre-mix fuel?" that search also yielded over 400 hits, but within 2 pages there were 3 relevant subject lines, no need to read for a week, simply make your inquiry what you'd like to see the subject line look like. it's a matter of search-common-sense...

    one more thing...when i see a 1st post like this one then i know it can be done, which helps me feel better about shutting down new repeat-topics. if one beginner can do it, anyone can. self-reliance is a good thing to learn, and the earlier the better.

    our best bet for the future "stability" of the good info is to get the wiki project going...there's a topic in here about the need for wiki-volunteers.

    and btw- MBC is already the best motoredbiking forum in the world :p :lol:
  3. japat100

    japat100 Guest

    and btw- MBC is already the best motoredbiking forum in the world :p :lol:[/QUOTE]

    mbc is the best with a great members from all over the world ,, ,but remember the top rung on the ladder is the hardest spot to hold , everyone wants it ,any they will do anything to knock you off and so you have to keep 1 steps ahead with new ideas ,
  4. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    (note the :p was joking only, i'd never want to jinx us like that)

    zactly, except we weren't out to best anyone, only to fill a void...we honestly had no idea how hot it was gonna get & usually play "catch-up" because of it...

    back to the issue...i believe the wiki is the solution, i'm gonna go bump the topic to see if we can raise any new interest :cool: