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9:46 AM
Mar 23, 2008
central illinois
I want to be polite here. But I'm just not getting the right results when I try to search for topics and info. For instance, I just typed "kill switch" into the search engine. I got back a list of threads, but none of them seemed to be aimed at that particular topic. I'm gonna guess that the term "kill switch" is somewhere in each of them. But in some obscure corner of each. Sifting through all of them doesn't seem like a very efficient way to go about it.

Can anyone offer ways of getting to "the heart of the matter"?
try searching the same words but use advanced and switch to title instead of thread (first box under search input line)
Azbill; your advice could not have been more perfect! Thank you. Now I can get to the wheat without sifting through very much chaff.

Sparky; that was an interesting link. Thanks.
These Search features on ANY website arn't perfect....all u can do is take Bills advice and do your best from there.
Bookmark interesting finds or important info,copy pics.