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    I am a harley-davidson mechanic in lakeland fl. I was searching for a whizzer, because my wife is a little uneasy about learning to ride a motorcycle. A fellow mechanic showed me an add for a bicycle motor kit and I think that this would be alot of fun, and plan to builb bikes for each of us. I have noticed there many venders for these kits, and am wondering which is the favorite. I appreciate any imput and can see myself visiting this site often.

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    Hey Brishort,

    I build GEBE's, Golden Eagles, that are belt driven like the new Harleys.

    For ladies I always use the Robin Subaru 35, quiet and extra smooth on the pull start, not only does it alway crank on the first pull, you can go 2-3 days without even putting on the choke when you crank it cold.

    In Florida, since there aren't any hills, you could use the highway drive gear and expect around 180-200 mpg.
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    For the happy time kit I am very pleased with my zoom bicycles setup :)