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    I first found this forum last year when doing a search on the installer I was researching near my prior area.

    Needless to say it took him several months to finally get around to me and when he did he had some problems allegedly and couldn't complete the install on a bike I purchased specifically for the install. I gave the deposit and the bike. He wound up apparently not being able to pay rent, as I found he had moved when I went to his house. He still owes me the bike and deposit (~$275-$300 worth). It takes him forever and 3 days to respond to emails via his website (which still is active) and/or his Facebook/YouTube messaging. The last message I sent through his YT messaging was a week ago with still no reply. He is registered at this forum (which is how I confirmed more about him) but hasn't posted since summer 2010 I see.

    I only found one installer advertising so far in Craigslist Fresno (same way I found the previous guy). He never replied back to my voice mail in time before I made a decision to get a friend's moped. I am having trouble with the moped more than I was having during the two months I was borrowing it while on his insurance, so I am rethinking about continuing the purchase (no idea if I can get my initial deposit back until I talk to him).

    I need someone that is reliable, experienced, willing to go under a contract, will back up their bike with at least a limited guarantee (first guy had something like 30 or 60 day guarantee on motor install/operation), and possibly continued service as needed.

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    Sorry for your bad luck. Now please don't think that I'm being a smart-alek (alec? aleck?)
    here; but if you can't do your own install, then you'll be better off with some other form of transportation. You absolutely will need those skills in order to keep your bike running reliably and safely.

    Here's the good news: it doesn't take all that much skill. If you can keep a pedal bicycle tuned up and running smoothly, then you're about 9/10 of the way there. You'll need only a bit more knowledge, easily obtained right here.

    So I'd urge you to do just that. Build a bike and join us.

    It sounded like the first guy you went to hasn't even returned your bike and engine. If I understood you right. Sorry, you might as well kiss them goodbye and chalk it up to hard-earned experience.

    But if you get yourself another bike and engine and put them together, then you're not likely to regret it. Your chances are a lot better than they were with that so-called installer, anyway.

    Join us. Best of luck and have fun.
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    no mech

    I have never tuned up a bicycle, much less worked on an engine.
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    You know, even that's not really such a big problem.

    When you run into trouble, the answer can be found here. These folks have a ton of knowledge, very freely shared. They are full of goodwill, cheering for your success. I'm not kidding.

    I'm only moderately knowledgable abut these bikes. I just try to be encouraging. But there's all sorts of folks around here who know every inch of these engines and drive-trains in the most intricate detail. I've seen far more great suggestions than I can count.

    If you're really and truly incapable of doing it, then best of luck and God Bless, but you'd better look for some other form of transportation.

    But I'll bet you can do it. And if so, then you'll find the knowledge and encouragement that you need right here.
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    This cat needs a 4 stroke friction drive, he'll get killed on a HT.