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    My name's Eric. I'm in Seattle till April 28th, 2012. I'm here doing a clinical rotation before graduation in May. I'm looking for a motorized bike ASAP. If not, a scooter, or inexpensive motorcycle. I have family locally and will leave the bike with them for future visits. I'd like to join some of the rides.


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    Before you buy anything lookup and read the local laws as to what's legal.
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    Tried to find Motorized Bicycle at Wa. DMV. No luck. Looks like in Washington they call it a Moped. And it says nothing about needing peddles. Looks like you do need a drivers license but perhaps not insurance. The bike itself needs to be 50cc or less, 2 gross brake horsepower or less and top speed of 30mph. In California they call it a motorized bicycle, but register it under the moped laws. On the reg. it says, MAKE- Huffy MOTORIZED BICYCLE. Then MP, MOPED. In earlier posts on this site we discussed the possibility of registering one in California, Then transfering it to another state. According to federal guidlines the other states are obligated to recognize it as a legal vehicle registration.
    Big Red.
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    In Wa anything with a gas motor has to be registered as at least a moped and a DL is required. The law now is stiched up tight about it.

    Some areas the police might be looking the other way. But if its not registered it is illegal.