Second Build, Beware !!!

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    BEWARE of the MICARGI Bikes unless you love to do MODS, and have some $$$!!! I like to do MODS, but have NO $$$.(now) :icon_cry: 000_0002_00.jpg



    100_0496.jpg And I'm not done getting more parts to make this D.I.Y. kit from & and be right. & (safe to ride)!

  2. Wheres my dog

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    Why do you have the controls so far in on the handlebars?

    Doesn't this lessent the feeling of balance while riding the bike?

    That seems to be a smaller sized v frame bike, tight fit in there for sure...
  3. danlandberg

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    I have never rode the bike yet. The controls are grip shifters. These D.I.Y. kits suck! The frames ARE to small to put the intake (that comes with the engine), And why do they come with grip shifters? When you need to put other components on! The old style thumb shifters would be fine. (Seperated from the brake levers). Like my Royce Union had. This is really my third build, but the second for myself. (Check out ''Stoled in vegas'') That's my first.